Taraxacum species for confirmation 290412MK01:
Please help to identify this herb. Is this Taraxacum officinale?
the peduncle is longer (2.5 feet) here. The head inflorescence measures c. 5cm across.

Location: Ooty town, Nilgiris
Date: 14 Sep 2011
Altitude: 2100 m ASL

Taraxacum does have an leafy branched stem. There is a single head on scape.
This one appears Sonchus arvensis to me.

Pasting the link of my uploads where … identified this species – efi thread
Hope it will help you to compare, specially the fourth image of the leaves.

This seems to be a good candidate for being S. brachyotus, peduncle is glabrous, few hairs (not glandular) on phyllaries.

Launaea ??