Happy World Honey Bee Day!:

Happy World Honey Bee Day!
On the new honey bee settlement in our Champak/ Sampige tree canopies.
I came onto the terrace of our house, peering into the tall sampige/champaka tree crown, and waited for a long time to see the well-camouflaged green barbet bird pair activity and hear its incessant call.
Soon I realized, the Champaka tree is now 21 years old and had grown majestically from a small sapling in front of me and had now reached almost its maximum height.
I remembered all the observations and photographs I took as and when the tree grew, from ant colonies to well-disciplined caterpillar lineup,  fluttering butterflies to birds and bees.
Then, to my surprise, in the tree, I was allowed to see new visitors, a group of medium-sized honey bees making a colony in the partially shady branches under the tree canopies.
 I saw a lot of buzzing activity and zigzag movement of the bees.
I talked to myself…” Well, you have taken refuge in the tree on my house premises.
“You bees, be gentle and harmless to the children of our house and neighborhood, that’s enough for us, stay here as long as you like, let your hive grow as large as you please,
I promise not to disturb your colony and we will be harmless to your hive and protect them from the honey collectors gang who have spread their tentacles nearby”.
Again, coincidental though, and as a second surprise, came to know today became known as “World Honey Bee Day”.
“Happy Honey Bee Day.”
May your honey bee tribe increase multiple times “
“Come, Let’s work hard together,  hand in hand, and share the joy of togetherness, compassion, and sweetness of life with all other living forms small and big”

I heartily reciprocate your wishes for the Honey Bees

You are a true story teller.
It is wonderful to see your stories once in a while.