Srinagar, April 2023 :: Boraginaceae for ID :: ARK2023-006: 3 images.
This Boraginaceae member with blue flowers was captured at Tangmarg, J&K in April 2023.
Requested to please ID.

Cynoglossum, fruits would help decide the species.

I could not find pics of any fruits, unfortunately. Maybe too early in the season.

This seems interesting.
Does not seem to match with any species as per comparative images at

I too could not find any matching images (based on my limited understanding) on efi.

Cynoglossum sps.

I do not think so.

Some feedback received from Danhui Liu ji at Boraginaceae member- Tangmarg, J&K:
“maybe a member of Thyrocarpus Hance”

Resembles with Cynoglossum