Lepidagathis dalzelliana S. More, Mane, M.Sawant & H. S. Bhosale, June 2023 International Journal of Advanced Research 11(6):907-911;

Lepidagathis dalzelliana S. More, Mane, M.Sawant & H. S. Bhosale sp. nov., (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae) recently described endemic species from Northern Western Ghats
Named after Nicolas Alexander Dalzell

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Do you find any such observation at
https://efloraofindia.com/2011/03/11/lepidagathis-cuspidata/, which may belong to this species?

Thank you so much sir, yes i see one post Kaas week post by Mr shrikant ingalhalikar posted as Lepidagathis prostrata from kaas i have commented on the same


Images by Shrikant Ingalhalikar (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


Kas Week: Phoenix of Kas 3:
Lepidagathis prostrata has a mat of woody perennial stems clinging to the rocky ground. The plant flowers after the entire plateau dries up in early summer. Flowers have a unique ornamentation.

I think this is also close to images at Lepidagathis cuspidata Nees

this is Lepidagathis dalzelliana described recently by us from Plateaus of Satara Dist.


Posted in 2012- described as a new species in 2023:
Shrikant ji has posted this plant as per details at Kas Week: Phoenix of Kas 3
Now this plant was published as a new species (Lepidagathis dalzelliana S. More, Mane, M.Sawant & H. S. Bhosale, June 2023 International Journal of Advanced Research 11(6):907-911) by Sushant ji and his team as per details at

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LEPIDAGATHIS DALZELLIANA (ACANTHACEAE), A NEW SPECIES FROM THE NORTHERN WESTERN GHATS AND LECTOTYPIFICATION OF THE NAME LEPIDAGATHIS PROSTRATA DALZELL (Abstract: Lepidagathis dalzelliana sp. nov., (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae), is described from Maharashtra, India. The new species is closely allied to Lepidagathis clavata Dalzell. in appearance, but differs by long lanceolate, hairy bracts, and spatulate, oblanceolate to ovate-lanceolate glabrous leaves. Colored photographs and notes are provided to facilitate its distinction from closely allied species. In addition, we have designated the lectotype for the name Lepidagathis prostrata Dalzell)
Novataxa  Flowers of India  iNaturalist