ID Celtis sp. ?: 3 correct images as above.
Observation18/10/23. Riung District, Flores, Indonesia.
Description: We have two species of what I think are from the Celtis genus named Namu and Nomu in local language. Here, we’ve the Celtis tetandra species but also a Celtis timorensis species. As both of them are in India, I would like to have your expert advice.
For the locals, the Namu species have leaf that can look like Ficus benjamina, and flower that are white a little bit red. The Nomu species have white to grey flower for them.
Sorry for the quality of the photos. What do you think ?

After following images at, id for Nomu as Celtis tetrandra is possible.
But other set of images look different as per images at (In particular leaf nerves and long petiole)


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