Chrysojasminum subhumile (W.W.Sm.) Banfi & Galasso, Atti Soc. Ital. Sci. Nat. Mus. Civico Storia Nat. Milano 1(1): 5 (2014) (syn: Chrysojasminum subhumile var. glabricymosum (W.W.Sm.) Banfi & Galasso ; Jasminum arboreum Buch.-Ham. ex Loudon; Jasminum diversifolium Kobuski ; Jasminum diversifolium var. glabricorymbosum Kobuski ; Jasminum diversifolium var. glabricymosum (W.W.Sm.) Kobuski ; Jasminum diversifolium var. subhumile (W.W.Sm.) KobuskiJasminum diversifolium var. tomentosum L.C.Chia ; Jasminum heterophyllum Roxb. ; Jasminum heterophyllum var. glabricymosum W.W.Sm. ; Jasminum heterophyllum var. subhumile (W.W.Sm.) KobuskiJasminum macrophyllum DC. ; Jasminum subhumile W.W.Sm.; Jasminum subhumile var. glabricymosum (W.W.Sm.) P.Y.Pai );
Nepal to S. Central China: Assam, China South-Central, Myanmar, Nepal as per POWO;

SK 2782 15 October 2020 : 30 posts by 5 authors. 7 very high res. images.

Location: Badikhel, Lalitpur
Date: 19 September 2020
Elevation: 1743 m.
Habit : Wild

Any idea about the family?

Bischofia javanica Blume ??

Trifoliate leaves remind me of Vitex related species ??? A guess !

Vitex trifolia L. or Vitex peduncularis Wall. ex Schauer??

I too agree with …, it could be Vitex,

Any other sp is there …, rather than what you suggested,

Check with peduncularis …

Oleaceae. May check Linociera.

Does not look like …! It is trifoliate!

I do not think matches with any Vitex species as per comparative images herein.

Closest I could reach is some Jasminum
Pl. check.

Can you check Jasminum as per Checklist of Nepal?

OK I shall!

I checked Jasminum species as per Checklist of Nepal in GBIF.
I think it appears close to Jasminum caudatum Wall. ex Lindl. as per GBIF specimens:

Looks matching but confused due to a great difference of approx. 3200ft. in elevation.

Any chance of this being near habitation?

This was in the wild near to Phulchoki hill!

Most of the specimens from India in GBIF are from Khasia Hills, Mont Khasia and Garo hills at 4000 ft., in Meghalaya. Pl. see
Also there is no specimen in GBIF from Nepal (means not properly documented in Nepal).
So there is not much difference in elevation.

From the same sp. on 24 November 2021
7 very high res. images.


Unknown Tree from Manipur: 2 high res. images.
Please Suggest to me the ID of this plant.
Place of observation: Shirui Hill, Manipur
Altitude: 2192m above sea level

Pl. check for Jasminum

Jasminum caudatum Wall. ex Lindl. !

Yes, appears close to images at

This is also Jasminum subhumile as per POWOGBIFFoC illustration and Checklist of Nepal.



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