Senegalia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger, Blumea 58: 42 (2013) (syn: Mimosa torta Roxb.,; Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib) as per Synoptic overview of Acacia sensu lato (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) in East and Southeast Asia- B.R. Maslin- Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 67(1): 231–250. 2015;
Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1915:410. 1915 (Syn: Acacia pennata “sensu Baker, p.p. non Willd.”; Mimosa torta Roxb.; Acacia caesia auct. non. Willd. (as per book under reference));
a-KAY-see-uh or uh-KAY-shuh — from the Greek akis, meaning point, barb, thorny, spiny
TOR-tuh — twisted
commonly known as: twisted acacia • Hindi: अलिया alia • Marathi: चिल्लारी chillari
Native to: India, Pakistan, Thailand


Fabaceae-Mimosoideae (Mimosaceae) Week :: Acacia torta at Harishchandragad:
Came across this climbing Shrub at “Harishchandragad, Maharashtra“. (30-11-2009).
Bot. name: Acacia torta
Family: Mimosaceae
Habitat: Wild
Flowers white in globose head, Leaves 2 – pinnate, pinnae 5 to 10 pairs, leaflets 10 to 25 pairs.

Nice photographs !!! Please check these 2 links for my photographs of this:

a-KAY-see-uh or uh-KAY-shuh — from the Greek akis, meaning point, barb, thorny, spiny
TOR-tuh — twisted

Mar 5, 2011 … somewhere along Kumbharli Ghat, Maharashtra
commonly known as: twisted acacia • Hindi: अलिया alia • Marathi: चिल्लारी chillari
Native to: India, Pakistan, Thailand
References: Flowers of IndiaeFloraNPGS / GRIN
more views: Feb 19, 2011 … at Matheran, Maharashtra

This fruit is of Shikakai (A. sinuata ) and not of A. torta (Chillari or Chillar), A. torta pods are flat..

Looking at the flowers I have a feeling that all your photographs except first one belong to A. torta
The first photograph clearly looks like belonging to A. concinna (Willd.) DC. (syn: A. sinuata (Lour.) Merrill.
Could you kindly confirm whether all these photographs belong to the same individual, or taken fro different individuals at different times. The numbering seems to support these being taken at different times.

Yes … Only the first one does not belong to A. torta (earnest thanks to … for pointing my mistaken ID) … sighted on Mar 5, 2011 … somewhere along Kumbharli Ghat.
All the rest are sighted on Feb 19, 2011 … at Matheran, Maharashtra, and for sure A. torta
Did not dare to elaborate it to avoid adding to confusion.


Fabaceae-Mimosoideae (Mimosaceae) Week: Acacia for ID from Nahan: (12 images).
This tree was shot in Nahan (Distt. Sirmour, H.P.) in April 2011, near DC residence. This was a growing tree, not yet attaining the height which I suppose it can, no fruits could be seen. I hope to find the Id.

This may be Acacia caesia.
I think the synonymy part in FOI needs a revisit.

It looks me acacia caesia too.

I hope Acacia torta.

Yes sir, happy to get id…. thanks a lot … for resurfacing such an old mail..thanks a lot … and … for id.. yes this is Acacia torta syn. A. caesia

As per Flora Of Davanagere District: Karnataka, India By B. K. Manjunatha, V. Krishna, T. Pullaiah (keys & Description) , Acacia caesia auct. non. Willd. is a syn. of Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib.
As per Flora of Ranga Reddi District Andhra Pradesh, India By Thamminen Pullaiah, M. Silar Mohammed, difference is very minor as given in brackets- Acacia caesia (L.) Willd. (branchlets glabrous) & Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib. (branchlets rusty pubescent).
In view your plant should be Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib. (Acacia caesia auct. non. Willd.).

Thanks … for elaborating…


Alagarkoil 061013 TBN Acacia? concinna/torta for validation (mixed thread):  Attachments (4). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date           29.09.13:                                                            
Location     :Bison valley, Alagarkoil
Altitude      :2000ft
Habitat        :wild
Habit           :thorny straggler
Height         :on trees
Leaves         bipinnate:
Flowers       :pink
Fruits           :pods ? resembling  Pterolobium hexapetalum (Is there a mixup- two stragglers with similar leaves? ) 

TBN 1 a & b is Pterolobium hexapetalum (Caesalipiaceae) and TBN c & d is Mimosa intsia (Mimosaceae).

Thanks for the id. I understand from the net that Mimosa intsia is a synonym of Acacia torta. If so, are there two varieties: one with white flowers and the other with pink flowers?
Please clarify.

I agree with … id.
Yes …, Acacia torta has two forms as mentioned by you.


Main Difference between :  3 posts by 3 authors.
Tell me the difference between the Acacia Pennata and Acacia Torta 

^  Thorns straight; rachis glandular between 4 uppermost pinnae…….A. torta
^  Thorns recurved; rachis glandular between 2 uppermost pinnae…..A. pennata
A. torta
Leaf-pinnae c 13 pairs, c 4 cm long; leaflets 35-40 pairs, c 5 × 2 mm; rachis puberulous. Heads c 1.3 cm across, paniculate. Flowers white. Pods oblong, falcate, compressed, up to 12 × 2 cm. Seeds c 8.
A. pennata
Stems dull white. Leaf-pinnae 10-15 pairs, 3-5 cm long; leaflets 40-60 pairs, elliptic-oblong, c 4 × 1 mm, base truncate, apex acute. Heads 1-3 per cluster, in terminal racemes, c 1.5 cm across. Flowers c 3 mm across, greenish white. Pods broadly oblong, flat, up to 15 × 3 cm, stipitate, horned. Seeds 6-10.

Thanks, … But the following did not give any differences based on the thorns.
Flora of Pakistan
Pl. clarify.

The best way to distinguish Senegalia caesia (including S. torta) from S. pennata is that, in S. caesia and S. torta the main vein of leaflets are starting centrally or subcentrally from the base whereas in S.pennata they are starting marginally from the base. 


ID plzz??is it Albizia chinensis??no inflorecence fruit is present, from lahore Pakistan : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

I think it’s better to wait for flowers.

I don’t think this is Albizia chinensis.

OK Thanks mam, then any idea about its species?

You have to search in Acacia, to be more precise, Senegalia rather than Albizia.  Flowers or fruits are required for confirmation.

Thanks, …, fro genus id.
Appears close to images of Senegalia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger as per comparative images of Senegalia species in efi.

Yes .., The leaves are identical.


at Shahapur; in Mahabaleshwar esp on the edge of the valley- Nov 2009; at Harishchandragad, Maharashtra- (30-11-2009); at Shahapur- Sept’10?;

Acacia sp??051209PKA2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
PLANT FOR ID 162 SMP NOV 2009 – indiantreepix | Google Groups


ID confirmation acacia pennata?: 5 images.
Please help me in identifying this climber tree, is this Acacia pennata?
Found near Mhatoba tekadi slopes. Pune.

May be Senegalia torta as per the following keys:

As per efi thread:
Leaflets 18-35 pairs………………..A. torta
Leaflets 35-60 pairs………………..A. pennata


229 ID wild plant Senegalia: 21 images.

Please ID wild plant. We use it’s dry crushed bark as hair shampoo. 
Location: near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, (Kochi) Kerala PIN:686671
Altitude: 1400fsl
Flower date: 05.10.2021, 05.10pm
Habitat: wild moisture
Plant habit: climbing, branches, woody stem 10 inch base diameter, rigid thorned silver coloured old and medium old stem, long lasting
Height: 12 meters
Leaves: alternate, bipinnate, leaflets even opposite, ovate, oblong, apex, size:01×0.5cm
Flower: pyramidal racemose, clustered, diameter:13mm, white, good fragrance
Fruit: beans purple into brown, compressed, size:13×1.5cm
Camera: mobile Samsung Galaxy A21s

Leaves pairs are 7/8 or less than 10, sharing an image.

I think it is close to the images at Senegalia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger

Google says bark of S. rugata used as hair shampoo and only one rigid bark image in eFI is correct, but leaves are not matching. I don’t know S. torta bark is used as hair shampoo (if it is, OK). This plant is growing throughout Kerala, it’s dried bark is very famous as hair shampoo and available through all ayurvedic medical shops and local markets. Sharing an image,

That is right.

Both species look quite similar, but the pods are different.
Pl. see pods of Senegalia rugata

Pl. check with name Acacia torta (syn. of Senegalia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger) at

Yes, it is Senegalia torta, dear …, thank you very much for ID my plant,


Senegallia torta from Herbal Garden, Delhi-GS04032022-1: 6 very high res. images.

Senegallia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger
Syn: Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib
Photographed from Herbal Garden, Delhi, 11-4-2012.


Fabaceae: Senegalia torta (Roxb.) Maslin, Seigler & Ebinger: 1 high res. image.
synonym: Acacia torta (Roxb.) Craib
location/date: Tarubanda village, Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Amravati Distr., Maharashtra, November 1994