Alysicarpus monilifer (L.) DC. (syn. Alysicarpus narimanii S.M.Almeida & M.R.Almeida; Hedysarum monilifer L.; Hedysarum moniliferum L.);
Benin to Socotra, Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar: Native to: Assam, Bangladesh, Benin, East Himalaya, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Laccadive Is., Maldives, Myanmar, Niger, Pakistan, Socotra, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, West Himalaya; Introduced into: Madagascar, Mauritius, Queensland, Réunion as per POWO;
Ethiopia; India; Laccadive Is; Madagascar; Maldives; Mauritius; Myanmar; Niger; Pakistan; Reunion; Somalia; Sri Lanka; Sudan as per Catalogue of Life;


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Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. confirmation.

Date: 08.12.2013
Location: Adyar, Chennai
habitat: garden
Habit: Herb

Alysicarpus sp. of Fabaceae

Alysicarpus species so far in efi

This seems to be Alysicarpus monilifer (L.) DC.

It is Alysicarpus monilifer


Alysicarpus monilifer (L.) DC. SN Nov05 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Alysicarpus monilifer (L.) DC., wild prostrate herb in the scrub jungle and dry deciduous forest from Krishnagiri dt Tamilnadu

plant idi 100117- MT 1 : 2 posts by 1 author. 1 correct image.

i am attached plant picture plz identifi this plant
location: tamil nadu
pondicherry near
this is fabaceae family i think crotolarya sps. plz help me identify this plants

…. the plant with pods looks to be some species of Alysicarpus.

The second photo of Alysicarpus monilifer


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Please identify the prostrate herb, appear to be Alysicarpus sp.

It is Alysicarpus bupleurifolius (Because pod is glabrous)


pod glabrous and veined
-Pod flat, sub terete and calyx much longer than 1st joint of pod-A.bepleurifolius
-Pod slightly moniliform and calyx shorter and slightly longer than first joint- A.vaginalis
Looks closer to Alysicarpus vaginalis, some more pictures are attached kindly go through.
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You are confused, pod flat in A.vaginalis, not in A. bupleurifolius, leaf structure does not match with A.vaginalis

From … in another thread:
Sorry, but I am not confused, please refer key
Floras by Prof.T.Pullaiah
In A.bepluerifolious leaves are linear and lanceolate peduncle up to 10cm.

A monilifer








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Presenting for ID
Location : Chennai outskirts 
Date :18.01.2020
Elevation : 128 feet
Habitat : Dry open land
Habit : Short plant, Spreading on ground,

Check with Alysicarpus vaginalis …

Thanks, …, for the id.
I think more closer to Alysicarpus monilifer rather than Alysicarpus vaginalis as per images and details herein.

This is Alysicarpus monilifer due red brown soil its showing brown shade on the stem and leaves.

Date? Location? Elevation? habitat image ??

Sir, its found in chalisgaon growing near paddy field in open area. prostrately growing with varied lvs.

Looks close! Wait for other members opinion!

Its confirmed, Alysicarpus monilifer var. mahbubnagrensis. thanks to Dileep pokle Sir for confirming variety.