Antidesma montanum Blume, Bijdr. 1124 1827. (Syn: Antidesma acuminatum Wight; Antidesma agusanense Elmer;.; Antidesma angustifolium (Merr.) Pax & K.Hoffm.; Antidesma apiculatum Hemsl.; Antidesma aruanum Pax & K.Hoffm.; Antidesma barbatum C.Presl; Antidesma bicolor Pax & K.Hoffm.; Antidesma calvescens Pax & K.Hoffm.; Antidesma discolor Airy Shaw; Antidesma diversifolium Miq.; Antidesma erythrocarpum Müll.Arg.; Antidesma henryi Hemsl.; Antidesma henryi Pax & K.Hoffm. [Illegitimate]; Antidesma heterophyllum C.Presl [Illegitimate]; Antidesma kerrii Craib; Antidesma kotoense Kaneh.; Antidesma kuroiwae Makino; Antidesma leptocladum Tul. ……..; Antidesma lobbianum (Tul.) Müll.Arg.; Antidesma macrophyllum Wall. ex Voigt [Illegitimate]; Antidesma menasu (Tul.) Müll.Arg.; Antidesma menasu var. linearifolium Hook.f.; Antidesma mindanaense Merr.; Antidesma montanum var. microcarpum Airy Shaw; Antidesma moritzii (Tul.) Müll.Arg.; Antidesma mucronatum Boerl. & Koord.; Antidesma nitidum Tul.; Antidesma obliquinervium Merr.; Antidesma oblongifolium Blume; Antidesma oblongifolium Boerl. & Koord. [Illegitimate]; Antidesma palawanense Merr.; Antidesma palembanicum Miq.; Antidesma paxii F.P.Metcalf; Antidesma pentandrum (Blanco) Merr. ……… ; Antidesma phanerophlebium Merr.; Antidesma pseudomontanum Pax & K.Hoffm.; Antidesma pseudopentandrum Hurus.; Antidesma pubescens Moritzi [Illegitimate] ..;  Antidesma ramosii Merr.; Antidesma refractum Müll.Arg.;  Antidesma rostratum Tul. …; Antidesma rotundisepalum Hayata; Antidesma salicifolium C.Presl; Antidesma salicinum var. latius Ridl.; Antidesma simile Müll.Arg.; Antidesma teysmannianum Pax & K.Hoffm.; Cansjera pentandra Blanco);
Trop. & Subtrop. Asia to N. Queensland as per WCSP;
Andaman Is.; Assam; Bangladesh; Borneo; Cambodia; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; Hainan; India; Jawa; Laos; Lesser Sunda Is.; Malaya; Maluku; Myanmar; Nansei-shoto; New Guinea; Nicobar Is.; Philippines; Queensland; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Taiwan; Thailand; Tibet; Trinidad-Tobago; Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
an-tid-ESS-muh — Greek: anti (against), desma (Burman term for poison) … Dave’s Botanary
MON-tah-num or mon-TAY-num — of the mountains … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: mountain currant treeAssamese: পানী হেলচ pani-helochKannada: ಬಾವಿನ ಸೊಪ್ಪು bavina soppu, ಕದಿರು ಸಪ್ಪು kadiru sappu, ಕಡಿವಾಳ ಸೊಪ್ಪು kadivala soppuKhasi: dieng-pothar, dieng-soh-lang-ngiuLepcha: kunchur-kungMalayalam: നെയ്‌ത്താലി neyththaaliNepali: कालो विलौनी kaalo vilauneeTamil: கலகலத்தா kalakalattha, பேய் ஈச்சி paei-eechchiTelugu: నక్క గదము nakka-gadamuTulu: ಬಾಪುಥ ತಪ್ಪು baputha thappu


Antidesma menasu :  Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Antidesma montanum Blume var. montanum


Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Antidesma montanum along Anmod Ghat :: DV06 : 5 posts by 3 authors.
Antidesma montanum Blume
along Anmod Ghat on 26 MAY 13

Antidesma montanum Blume var. montanum (Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae sensu lato).

Thank you very much … for making aware that this member belongs to Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae s.l.


Euphorbiaceae Fortnight :: Antidesma for ID :: Valparai :: MK 014 :  Attachments (7). 3 posts by 2 authors.

Please help me in identifying this Antidesma tree found in the edges of rain forests in Valparai area of Western Ghats.
Leaf: 15 cm
Inflorescence: 10 cm
Date: 17 July 2012
Place: Valparai, TN
Alt.: 890 m asl

Looks like Antidesma montanum. However, female flowers or fruits are required for confirmation.


Small tree on the way to Matheran.
Bot. name: Antidesma montanum
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Tree (approx 5 to 6m)
Leaves: Alternate, Shining, elliptic with short petiole

Nice photos and correct identification.


17-07-2010: On the way to Matheran; ID request-180710-PKA2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Here is my test posting via Google doc.
The plant species is not yet identified.
The plant is a small woody shrub grow in our farm.
Flowering now.
This is only the picture of male inflorescence.
Male and female inflorescence born on different individuals and unfortunately I couldn’t find the female individual. As I get the same I shall post it.

I think it is Antidesma montanum Blume Biotik

Antidesma montanum Blume SN Mar 37 : Attachments (2).  3 posts by 3 authors.
Antidesma montanum Blume (= Antidesma menasu (Tul.) Müll.Arg.), Fam – Phyllanthaceae, shrub,
medikere area of Karnataka 1200 m altitude,

I am thankful to our Junior Botanist Mr. R. Silambarasan who accompanied me for collection.

Nice photos.

Antidesma sp. (Euphorbiaceae) : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).
Location : Lengte, Mizoram
Altitude : ca. 500 m.
Date : 07-10-2014
Habit : Shrub or small tree
Habitat : grows wild

Antidesma montanum


ANDEC27 Is this Antidesma montanum? : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7)

Nelliyampathy, Kerala
November 2014

Antidesma montanum

I too think that this is A. montana

Yes. Antidesma montanum.

ANSEPT32/32 Antidesma menasu Muell.-Arg. (Please validate) : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Date: 14th September 2015
Place: Thattekadu Bird Sanctuary, Ernakulam District, Kerala
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Semi-evergreen forest

Antidesma menasu is now considered to be a synonym of the widespread (Indo-Malesia) and highly variable Antidesma montanum Blume,
This is one of the most beautiful photos of the species that I have seen in recent times.

MS Aug., 2016/06 Antidesma sp. for ID : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Location : Dampui, Mizoram
Date : 25/08/2016
Habit : Shrub
Habitat : Wild

This appears to be the variable Indo-Malesian species Antdesma montanum Blume.

Bhagamandala – Thalacauvery Road Karnataka
Date: 22 FEB 2017 … Altitude range: ~ 907 – 1122 m (2976 – 3683 ft) asl

Antidesma montanum Blume var. montanum … (family: Phyllanthaceae ~ Euphorbiaceae)

I am confused.  Am I seeing 2 stamens in some flowers on enlargement?  And 3 stamens in some other cases? If yes, then we have to wait for seeing the female flowers and/or fruits. There is only one species which is having 2 stamens, i.e. A. acidum or occasionally/rarely more  than two.  In case of A. montanum the stamens will always be more than two.

Thanks … for this validation. Thanks for clarity about 2 vs always more than 2 stamens. I am sending you the original photos for your perusal in separate mail. I went through focussed areas in those pics. I have feeling that the stamens are 3 in number, in all cases. Some instances the third stamen being in the hind side, is eclipsed – often a little bit showing. Yet you may take a look from your angle.

Thank you for kindly sending the high resolution images separately.  The stamens are indeed always 3 in number.  So, this is Antidesma montanum Blume var. montanum.

To my benefit, … Thank you very very much for affirming the ID.


ID Gk 050617- 2  : 4 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Please identify this shrub from a riparian zone of Kannur District of Kerala. Probably a species of Antidesma.. male flowers are given separately.. altitude is 450 feet.

Antidesma sp.

This looks like A. menasu 

6 posts by 3 authors. 1 image.
Antidesma montanum Blume … family: Phyllanthaceae ~ Euphorbiaceae s.l.
Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
an-tid-ESS-muh — Greek: anti (against), desma (Burman term for poison) Dave’s Botanary
MON-tah-num or mon-TAY-num — of the mountainsDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: mountain currant treeKannada: ಬಾವಿನ ಸೊಪ್ಪು bavina soppu, ಕದಿರು ಸಪ್ಪು kadiru sappu, ಕಡಿವಾಳ ಸೊಪ್ಪು kadivala soppuMalayalam: നെയ്‌ത്താലി neyththaaliMarathi: अंबट ambatTamil: நெரளைதாளி neralaitaliTelugu: నక్క గదము nakka-gadamuTulu: ಬಾಪುಥ ತಪ್ಪು baputha thappu
botanical names: Antidesma montanum Blume … synonyms: Antidesma alexiterium C.Presl • Antidesma menasu (Tul.) Müll.Arg. … and many more listed at The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1.
May 26, 2013 … along Anmod Ghat

Please delete the synonym Antidesma alexiterium  C.Presl.
The name is indeed mentioned by C.Presl. in Epimel. Bot. and all search engines are showing this name on the authority of C.Presl but look at the following link: Here it is clearly attributed to the authority of Linnaeus.  Hence A. alexiteria sensu C.Presl (as alexiterium), non L. attributed to the Philippines is a misidentification for Antidesma montanum Blume var. montanum.  Please delete this synonym.
Antidesma alexiteria L. is the type species of the genus Antidesma.
Here is the link: Biodiversity Library
Here are further common names for Antidesma montanum:

Local names: Asm.: Pani–heloch;
Beng: Shiyal buka. Kan.: Neerahanchi
mara, Kudivaalasoppa;  Kh.: Diengsohlangngiu, Diengpothar; Lepcha:
kung;  Mal.: Putharaval;  Nep.: Kalobilauni;  Or.: Kathjamrala;  Tam.: Paei

OK … Thank you very much for the quick correction. Will revise my notes tomorrow. Please let me know the distribution of A. alexiteria L. the type species in states of India.

Antidesma alexiteria is found in Kerala,  Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Thank you very much dear …; I have done the corrections by deleting the synonym in flickr as well as Names of Plants in India site.

Names compiled / updated at
Antidesma montanum Blume

an-tid-ESS-muh — Greek: anti (against), desma (Burman term for poison) … Dave’s Botanary
MON-tah-num or mon-TAY-num — of the mountains … Dave’s Botanary

commonly known as: mountain currant tree • Assamese: পানী হেলচ pani-heloch • Bengali: শিয়াল বুকা siyal buka • Kannada: ಬಾವಿನ ಸೊಪ್ಪು bavina soppu, ಹುಳಿಮರ hulimara, ಕದಿರು ಸಪ್ಪು kadiru sappu, ಕಡಿವಾಳ ಸೊಪ್ಪು kadivala soppu • Khasi: dieng-pothar, dieng-soh-lang-ngiu • Lepcha: kumbyúng, kunchur-kúng, tungcher-kúng • Malayalam: നെയ്‌ത്താലി neyththaali • Nepali: कालो विलौनी kaalo vilaunee • Odia: କାଠ ଜଂଜରଲା kath jamjarla • Tamil: கலகலத்த kalakalattha, பேய் ஈச்சி paei-eechchi • Telugu: నక్క గదము nakka-gadamu • Tulu: ಬಾಪುಥ ತಪ್ಪು baputha thappu, ಕುರಲ್ ತಪ್ಪು kural thappu

botanical namesAntidesma montanum Blume … varietyAntidesma montanum var. montanum … read more for synonyms … POWO

Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
mountain currant tree
~~~~~ ASSAMESE ~~~~~
পানী হেলচ pani-heloch
  • for Antidesma acuminatum Wight … synonym of Antidesma montanum var. montanum … Flora of Assam Vol. IV
  • Many thanks to Brahmananda Patiri for help with this name … facebook
~~~~~ BENGALI ~~~~~
শিয়াল বুকা siyal buka
  • Many thanks to Mahfuz Russel for this name in his post … facebook
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
ಬಾವಿನ ಸೊಪ್ಪು bavina soppu
  • Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
  • ಬಾವಿನ ಸೊಪ್ಪು bavina soppu = leaf for swelling; depicts its medicinal uses … Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
ಹುಳಿಮರ hulimara
ಕದಿರು ಸಪ್ಪು kadiru sappu
  • Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
  • ಕದಿರು ಸಪ್ಪು kadiru sappu = spike bearing plant; indicates the spike inflorescence … Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
ಕಡಿವಾಳ ಸೊಪ್ಪು kadivala soppu
~~~~~ KHASI ~~~~~
  • for Antidesma acuminatum Wight … synonym of Antidesma montanum var. montanum … Flora of Assam Vol. IV
  • for Antidesma acuminatum Wight … synonym of Antidesma montanum var. montanum … Flora of Assam Vol. IV
~~~~~ LEPCHA ~~~~~
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
നെയ്‌ത്താലി neyththaali
~~~~~ NEPALI ~~~~~
कालो विलौनी kaalo vilaunee
~~~~~ ODIA ~~~~~
କାଠ ଜଂଜରଲା kath jamjarla
  • for Antidesma acuminatum Wight … synonym of Antidesma montanum var. montanum … The Useful Plants of India by NISCAIR
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
கலகலத்த kalakalattha
  • for synonym Antidesma menasu Miq. ex Tul. … The Useful Plants of India by NISCAIR
பேய் ஈச்சி paei-eechchi
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
నక్క గదము nakka-gadamu
~~~~~ TULU ~~~~~
ಬಾಪುಥ ತಪ್ಪು baputha thappu
  • Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
  • ಬಾಪುಥ ತಪ್ಪು baputha thappu = leaf for swelling; depicts its medicinal uses … Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
ಕುರಲ್ ತಪ್ಪು kural thappu
  • Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
  • ಕುರಲ್ ತಪ್ಪು kural thappu = spike bearing plant; indicates the spike inflorescence … Shodhganga – Medicinal plants of Tulunadu
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

Requesting id: Requesting for id of attached photos, captured at Perambadi, Virarajapete, Kodagu.

Antidesma sp. of Phyllanthaceae family.

Please provide more information such as habitat, tree height, month/season of flowering and a close up of leaves with inflorescence (you may crop this from the original image) that are needed to confirm the species.

I think this appears close to images at Antidesma montanum Blume as per comparative images at Antidesma

Yes, should be A. montanum.


Evergreen Tree for identification 290612MK01:
Please help me in identifying this plant found along a coffee estate. The racmes measure 8 -12 cm longer and the leaves are 15-20 cm longer. Height of tree was c 5 metres.
Place: Valparai, TN
Date: 19 06 2012
Alt: c. 930 m ASL

Antidesma sp.

Yes, species of Antidesma of Euphorbiaceae family. Please check A. montanum.

I think this appears close to images at Antidesma montanum Blume as per comparative images at Antidesma

Male inflorescences of Antisesma montanum.


Nepalese name of Antidesma montanum : 3 posts by 2 authors.
Please help me with the name kalo-bilauni of Antidesma montanum, in native script.
The name is listed at Botanical Survey of India.
Would it be कालो बिलाउनि ?

कालो विलौनी Kaalo Vilaunee


Tamil names of Antidesma montanum : 3 posts by 2 authors.
Please help with following names in native script, of Antidesma montanumpaei-eechchi & kalakalattha – listed in Botanical Survey of India.

Paei-eechchi may be written as பேய் ஈச்சி, and Kalakalattha as கலகலத்தா.


18122017BHAR01 – Yelagiri flora : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)- 2 Mb or more
Found in Yelagiri hills of Eastern ghats.

Antidesma montanum ?

Could you check with the stated id?

It seems Antidesma montanum.
The pictures were taken this season from the same single tree for the whole area. This is the high altitude place of Yelagiri hills. Must have been richest place of Biodiversity. But, now full covered with Lantana camara because of logging and grazing. If its A montanum its a new record for the Vellore district.

It resembles, but check with local floras

Thanks, … Yes, Antidesma montanum Blume is possible as per comparative images at Antidesma

Unable to say if it is Antidesma bunius or A.montanum for the inflorescence is not clear

Yes …, Your identification is correct.


66 Identify wild plant: 11 images.

Please ID wild plant,
Location:         near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, Kerala PIN:686671
Date:.               28.03.2021, 12.50pm
Altitude:           1700fsl
Habitat:            wild moisture
Plant habit:      bush hard stem
Height:             02 meters
Leaves:            alternative oblong apex tamarind taste
Flower:             bunch green diameter:02mm, bad fragrant
Fruit:                globular green into blue/black edible tamarind diameter:5mm
Seed:               brown single droplet shape diameter:3mm


For me also it is Antidesma species. Superb pictures of Flowers and buds ! Fruits are eduble.
Nevertheless, need better photographs of the foliage/ leaves for species ID.

Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng ??

Yes, it is, …
…, I found red (only one plant) green (many) and mixed red and green (only one plant) flower bunches of plants. Except colour, other properties are same. Fruit plant is not bloom. Is it green to red or plant variables? No red bunches in green and vise versa. I am happy to sharing more images.
12 images

As the male flowers appear to be pedicellate, it may be Antidesma montanum Blume as per keys in Flora of peninsular India.

Yes, Antidesma montanum.


Antidesma montanum: 2 high res. images.
Antidesma montanum
Behali Reserve Forest, Biswanath, Assam, India


MS,Oct,2021/81 Antidesma sp. for id.: 1 very high res. image.
Location : Thenhlum, Mizoram

Date : 13-12-2009
Habit : Shrub
Habitat : Wild

Antidesma montanum Blume

Antidesma montanum.


MS,Oct,2021/85 Antidesma sp. for id.: 3 images.
Location : Dampui-ngaw

Date : 24-08-2016
Habit : Shrub
Habitat : Wild

Antidesma montanum Blume ??

If the leaves beneath and inflorescence axis are markedly pubescent then Antidesma roxburghii; if glabrous then A. montanum.

Going by keys as given by …, it appears to be Antidesma montanum Blume
Looks different from images at Antidesma roxburghii Wall.

Antidesma montanum.

Another fruit from Dibrugarh – efloraofindia | Google Groups:

Another delicious fruit…. the black ones are riped and sweet and the red ones a little sour…
Fruit size: less than 1cms
Rs. 10/- (five fistful / hand measure)
17 Jul 2010

Pl check for Alpinia malaccensis/nigra.

Alpinia is from Zingiberaceae ….
Can the family have such fruits and the fruits are attached to woody stem
I don’t think ginger family can have such characters.

Yes it can. But I have no idea about the id.

Pl follow this link to get an idea about the Alpinia fruits:

I have one problem with this identification. These fruits seem to have been developed from a superior ovary whereas Alpinia fruits developing from an inferior ovary would have large scar at the tip. This is also clear from your link and other species of the genus:

I think it is Antidesma sp. (Euphorbiaceae). May be A. montanum or acidum

Yes, appears close to images at Antidesma montanum Blume


Seeking confirmation ID: 2 high res. images.
The attached Photo does it belong to Antidesma montanum. Please favor me for confirmation.

Yes !

Please copy to efi also while replying otherwise other members would be unaware of the ID development.

Yes, maybe as per images at—z/p/phyllanthaceae/antidesma/antidesma-montanum


MS,Sept.,2023/01 Antidesma sp. for id.: 2 images.
Location : Hmuifang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,500 m.
Date : 02-09-2023
Habit : Evergreen shrub or small tree
Habit : Wild

Antidesma montanum