bar-LEER-ee-uh — name commemorates French botanist, Jacques Barrelier
strig-OH-suh — with bristles
commonly known as: dense-spiked blue nail dye, Western Ghats blue nail dyeBengali: নীল ঝিন্টি nil jhintiMalayalam: കരിമകുറുഞ്ഞി karimkurunni, നീലകുറുഞ്ഞി nilakurunniMarathi: itari, नीली nili, निळी कोरांटी nili korantiOriya: chavaldhuaSanskrit: आर्तगलः artagalah, बाण bana, दासी कुरण्टकः dasi kurantakah, ककुभ kakubha, कुरण्टकः kurantakah, कुरवकः kuravakah, महासह mahasaha, नीलझिंटी nilajhinti, नीलकुरण्टकः nilakurantakah, नीलकुसुमः nilakusumah, नीलपुष्पी nilapushpi, सहचरः sahacharah, सैरीयकः sairiyakahTamil: மஞ்சட்செம்முள்ளி mancat-cemmulli, நீலாம்பரம் nilamparam, நீலி niliTelugu: నీలగోరింట nilagorinta, నీలఅంబరము nilambaramuTibetan: sa ha ra tsa rnam gcig
Native of: India

Images by Radha Veach, Validated by Dinesh Valke (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

I think this is Barleria strigosa. Please validate!
According to BSI Fl of Maharashtra:
Barleria strigosa: Entire plants less strigosely hairy, inflorescence axillary, occasionally terminal, often glomerate, always secund (means directed towards one side)
Barleria terminalis: Entire plants densely strigosely hairy, inflorescence terminal, occasionally axillary, dense short spikes.
If we look at the illustration in the same book we see the shape of the bracts differ. Those of B. strigosa are broader with ciliate margins, those of B. terminalis are more lanceolate.
Distributions given for B. terminalis are: Along the western ghats. Frequent. Kolhapur, Pune, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Satara, Sindhudurg. For B. strigosa: In Deccan and to eastwards. Frequent. Chandrapur
In eflora we see several plants correctly identified, for example:
Barleria strigosa
Barleria terminalis
and a few incorrectly identified.
I have a feeling the B. terminalis in FOI may not be correct, but the image doesn’t show a full picture of the bracts. If we go only on the flowers then it’s very difficult to differentiate.
Looking forward to your comments regarding these 2 species.

This are wonderful photos to identify B. strigosa from terminalis.
Thanks Radha very much for sharing these.

i have exactly this plant pic from a herb garden curated by Prof D C Pal.
in bangla its called neel jhanti.

Its leaves and roots are used for coughs and inflammations.
This might explain why it was seen growing in a pot in the nursery at Rani bagh.

Seen in Lalbagh on 21/11/13.
Is this commonly known as Blue Barleria as in FOI?
Experts kindly validate.

I think the following two species are quite close:
Barleria terminalis &  Barleria strigosa  

Barleria strigosa


Flower for ID-20112011-RK:  9 posts by 6 authors. 3 images.

Is this a wild flower or a garden flower? Would like Common, Botanical
& Family ID. Pic taken in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore on 13/11/11 around 8.45am. There was only this one plant [ shrub ]- & it was not part of the landscaping.

looking at those elliptic lancelike leaves may be ?Barleria terminalis Nili koranti in Marathi

Yes …, the posted Barleria does look like B. terminalis
Useful reference for all of us:
Rheedea article [PDF] … Revision of the Genus Barleria (Acanthaceae) in India by Shankar M. Shendage and S.R. Yadav

Pl. validate it as Barleria terminalis or otherwise in view of another thread.

this has got to be Barleria strigosa – referring to … post RVMAR1.

Yes, B. strigosa


Barleria terminalis – Blue Barleria – 151112 – RK4: 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
Wild in Lalbagh, Bangalore – 11/11/12 morning.

Appears like Barleria terminalis (Blue barleria, Nilikantashelio, Nili koranti) . See the links: http://www.flowersofindia./Blue%20Barleria.html (details with a picture),
http://gallery.bizhat.com/showphoto/ (a picture).

Pl. validate it as Barleria terminalis or otherwise in view of another thread.

this is Barleria strigosa – referring to … post RVMAR1.

Yes, B. strigosa


Garden Flower For ID : Acanthaceae : Mumbai : 27AUG15 : AK-51 : 51/51 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Cultivated garden plant with blue flowers.
Barleria strigosa?

Yes, …

Thanks for validation of this Barleria.


at Tadoba, Pench & Melghat Tiger Reserve- Sept’09?; scrub forests of Satyamangalam RF: 07 Jan 2010; at kanakeshwar Alibag- 24/10/08; in Lalbagh, Banglore on 14.12.08; 8th December, 2009- Panorama Point, Matheran; Matheran, Mah.- Oct’10; Wild Flower for ID-151208RK – indiantreepix | Google Groups Barleria terminalis – efloraofindia | Google Groups


name :: itari :: Barleria strigosa: One of the names of Barleria strigosa is put as itari.
1) ENVIS – FRLHT … http://envis.frlht.org/plant_details.php?disp_id=291
2) IAAT … http://www.iaat.org.in/Rheedea20_81-130.pdf
3) Floristic Survey of Institute of Science …
Would you know if it is spelled as इतरी ?


Id of Acanthaceae plant : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Requesting for id of an Acanthaceae species. Is it species of Barleria? Photograph taken in Mahe in November 2019.

Barleria strigosa,


Names of Plants in India :: Barleria strigosa: 1 incorrect image.
via Species‎ > ‎B‎ > ‎ Barleria strigosa

Flowers of IndiaDiscussions at efloraofindiamore views in flickrmore views on Google Earth

commonly known asdense-spiked blue nail dye • Bengaliনীল ঝিন্টি nil jhinti • Malayalamകരിമകുറുഞ്ഞി karimkurunniനീലകുറുഞ്ഞി nilakurunni • Marathi: itari, नीली niliनिळी कोरांटी nili koranti • Oriyachavaldhua • Sanskrit:आर्तगलः artagalahबाण banaदासी कुरण्टकः dasi kurantakahककुभ kakubhaकुरण्टकः kurantakahकुरवकः kuravakah,महासह mahasahaनीलझिंटी nilajhintiनीलकुरण्टकः nilakurantakahनीलकुसुमः nilakusumahनीलपुष्पी nilapushpiसहचरः sahacharahसैरीयकः sairiyakah • Tamilமஞ்சட்செம்முள்ளி mancat-cemmulliநீலாம்பரம் nilamparam • Telugu:నీలగోరింట nilagorintaనీలఅంబరము nilambaramu • Tibetansa ha ra tsa rnam gcig 
botanical namesBarleria strigosa Willd. … synonymsBarleria polytricha Wall. • Barleria caerulea Roxb. • Barleria macrophylla B. Heyne ex C.B. Clarke • Barleria strigosa Willd. var. subglabra Kuntze, Revis.

Barleria terminalis Nees as per another thread.

Many thanks … for putting the corrected ID – Barleria terminalis – for the plant in above picture.

The compiled names however hold good for Barleria strigosa.

Barleria strigosa Willd.

bar-LEER-ee-uh — name commemorates French botanist, Jacques Barrelier … Dave’s Botanary
strig-OH-suh — with bristles … Dave’s Botanarycommonly known as: bristly blue barleria, dense-spiked blue nail dye • Bengali: নীল ঝিন্টি nil jhinti • Hindi: कर्बुदार karbu-dar • Malayalam: കരിമകുറുഞ്ഞി karimkurunni, നീലക്കുറുഞ്ഞി nilakkurunni • Marathi: निळी कोरांटी nili koranti • Nepali: बन उर्धयरे ban urdhayare • Odia: ବଣ ମଲ୍ଲୀ bana malli, କୋଇଲିଖିଆ koilikhia • Sanskrit: आर्तगलः artagalah, बाण bana, दासी कुरण्टकः dasi kurantakah, ककुभ kakubha, कुरण्टकः kurantakah, कुरवकः kuravakah, महासह mahasaha, नीलझिंटी nilajhinti, नीलकुरण्टकः nilakurantakah, नीलकुसुमः nilakusumah, नीलपुष्पी nilapushpi, सहचरः sahacharah, सैरीयकः sairiyakah • Tamil: மஞ்சட்செம்முள்ளி mancat-cemmulli, நீலாம்பரம் nilamparam • Telugu: నీలగోరింట nilagorinta, నీలాంబరము nilambaramu • Tibetan: sa ha ra tsa rnam gcig • Urdu: کربدار karbu-darbotanical namesBarleria strigosa Willd. … synonymsBarleria caerulea Roxb. • Barleria fasciculata Russell ex Wall. • Barleria macrophylla F.Heyne ex C.B.Clarke • Barleria polytricha Wall. • Barleria purpureosepala H.P.Tsui • Barleria unilateralis Buch.-Ham. ex Wall. • Pseudobarleria caerulea (Roxb.) Oerst. • Pseudobarleria hirsuta Oerst. • Pseudobarleria polytricha (Wall.) Oerst. … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
bristly blue barleria
dense-spiked blue nail dye
~~~~~ BENGALI ~~~~~
নীল ঝিন্টি nil jhinti
~~~~~ GUJARATI ~~~~~
કાળો કાંટાશેરિયો kalo kantasheriyo
~~~~~ HINDI ~~~~~
कर्बुदार karbu-dar
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
കരിംകുറിഞ്ഞി karimkurunni
നീലക്കുറുഞ്ഞി nilakkurunni
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
निळी कोरांटी nili koranti
~~~~~ NEPALI ~~~~~
बन उर्धयरे ban urdhayare
~~~~~ ODIA ~~~~~
ବଣ ମଲ୍ଲୀ bana malli, କୋଇଲିଖିଆ koilikhia
  • Revision of the Genus Barleria (Acanthaceae) in India … କୋଇଲିଖିଆ koilikhia written as କୋଇଲେଖା koelekha
  • କୋଇଲିଖିଆ koilikhia is apt for the long-leaved barleria, Hygrophila spinosa T.Anderson OR Ruellia longifolia (L.) Roxb. … popular synonyms of Hygrophila auriculata (Schumach.) Heine … Purnnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha by Praharaj, G.C.
  • name variants of କୋଇଲିଖିଆ koilikhia: କୋଇଲେଖା koilekha, କୋଇଲିଖା koilikha, କୁଳିକା kulika, କୋଳିକାକ୍ଷ kokikaksha … Purnnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha by Praharaj, G.C.
~~~~~ SANSKRIT ~~~~~
आर्तगलः artagalah, बाण bana, दासी कुरण्टकः dasi kurantakah, ककुभ kakubha, कुरण्टकः kurantakah, कुरवकः kuravakah, महासह mahasaha, नीलझिंटी nilajhinti, नीलकुरण्टकः nilakurantakah, नीलकुसुमः nilakusumah, नीलपुष्पी nilapushpi, सहचरः sahacharah, सैरीयकः sairiyakah
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
மஞ்சட்செம்முள்ளி mancat-cemmulli
  • for dense-spiked blue nail dye … Tamil lexicon [Madras], University of Madras … this name seems to be erroneously connected to this blue coloured barleria. மஞ்சள் manchal = yellow colour, as that of turmeric … thus is apt for any yellow coloured barleria
நீலாம்பரம் nilamparam
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
నీలగోరింట nilagorinta, నీలాంబరము nilambaramu
~~~~~ TIBETAN ~~~~~
sa ha ra tsa rnam gcig
~~~~~ URDU ~~~~~
کربدار karbu-dar
~~~~~ x ~~~~~
Names compiled / updated at https://dineshvalke.blogspot.com/


Plant for ID : Bangalore : 13APR22 : AK – 03: 5 images.
Plants seen in the garden of a private house this week (13.4.22).
There was a single blue flower, seen in the fourth image but I couldn’t go closer.
Could be Strobilanthes Species?

Bracts are familiar. Yes, from Acanthaceae.

Pl. check

Looks familiar to me as well, can’t recollect.

Since you suggested Barleria, can we check with Barleria strigosa?

Yes, close to images at Barleria strigosa


Barleria strigosa Willd.: 15 very high res. images.

Location: Jalthal, Jhapa, East Nepal
Date: 02 January 2023
Elevation: 67 m.

Habitat: Wild

Nepali Name : बन उर्धायेरे Ban Urdhaayere

Beautiful ornamental shrub; collected from undisturbed moist deep forest areas.

Yes, appears close to images at



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