Celastrus paniculatus subsp. aggregatus;
1a. Inflorescence on lateral shoots, shorter than leaves …. ssp. aggregatus
1b. Inflorescence on terminal shoots, twice as long or more than twice as long as the leaves ….. ssp. paniculatus

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Observed this climber with woody stem in Pune on 11 Jun 2010.
Is it Celastrus paniculatus? (Jyotishmati)
Earlier … and … have posted similar looking pictures.

Celastrus paniculatus FROM ME TOO !!

yes it is!

This could be Celastrus paniculatus subsp. aggregatus !

I think in this regard these links may be useful:

Celastrus paniculatus ssp. aggregatus

You can upload attached image also

and for Celastrus paniculatus paniculatus

Yes, it is.

Agree with Celastrus paniculatus Willd. subsp. aggregatus K.T. Mathew
It was … & his team, who upheld the status of this subsp. with his distributional record.
Unfortunately, The Plant List has not included this intra-specific taxon yet. Wish for that inclusion soon

Oh … Thanks for digging my post of Jun 2010.
Of course now I know that it is Celastrus paniculatus
But it is interesting to know from … (with whom I had achance for some field visits) about the subspecies aggregatus.
May I know the difference between the two subsp.a ggregatus and paniculatus
I can see from the picture posted by him that the inflorescence of the latter sp appears to be erect while that of the former is drooping as seen by me??


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Chikamagalur-Kemmangudi Road
13th September 2014

I think this is Celastrus paniculatus supsp. aggregatus.
Note the infructescence is shorter than leaf.

I too think so


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Thadiyandamol Coorg
August 2014

Is this tree?

May have been a shrub …

This may be Celastrus paniculatus-Woody climber

Id of the plant attached maybe Celastrus paniculatus a climber. I have perhaps wrongly assumed it to be a tree.

Celastrus paniculatus

Celastrus paniculatus – Malkangni, Jyotishmati. A highly useful drug in Indian Systems of medicines.

It is Celastrus paniculatus subsp. aggregatus, to be more precise!

Cleastraceae member, Check with Euonymus; fortunei.