An important document on all legume species growing in India is Sanjappa, M. 1992. Legumes of India, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun.
As per this document following species of Erythrina occur in India-







1- Erythrina arborescens Roxb.



1- Erythrina crista-galli L.



2- Erythrina fusca Lour.



2- Erythrina corallodendrum L.



3- Erythrina resupinata Roxb.



3- Erythrina mitis Jacq.



4- Erythrina stricta Roxb.



4- Erythrina poeppigiana (Walp.) O.F.



5- Erythrina suberosa Roxb.



5- Erythrina blakei Parker



6- Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.) Merr.






7- Erythrina variegata L.






Binomial Habit Notes Ref. Distrib.
Shrub Western
Ghats  & Eastern Ghats, Cultivated
as a shade plants, Native of Tropical America
Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Dindigul, Kanniya kumari, Nilgiri,
Salem, Theni
Erythrina stricta Roxb. Tree Plains to Low Altitude Flora
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983; Matthew, 1983
 Dindigul, Nilgiri, Salem, Tiruchchira ppalli,
Viluppuram, Tiruvanna malai
Erythrina suberosa Roxb. Tree Dry
Evergreen to Dry Deciduous Forests
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983; Matthew, 1983
Dharmapuri, Nilgiri, Virudhu nagar, Salem
Erythrina subumbrans (Hassk.) Merr. Tree Western
Ghats & Eastern Ghats, Moist Deciduous to Evergreen Forests, Cultivated,
Native of Malaysian  Region
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983
Dindigul, Kanniya kumari, Nilgiri,
Salem, Theni,  Tirunelveli  
Erythrina variegata L. Tree Plains
to Low Altitude, also Cultivated
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. I, 1983; Matthew, 1983

Erythrina blakei Fabaceae Blake’s Coral Tree
Erythrina crista-galli Fabaceae Cockspur Coral Tree
Erythrina mitis Erythrina umbrosa, Corallodendron umbrosum, Chirocalyx umbrosus Fabaceae Shady Coral Tree
Erythrina stricta var. suberosa Fabaceae Corky Coral Tree
Erythrina variegata Erythrina indica, Erythrina mysorensis, Erythrina orientalis Fabaceae Indian Coral Tree
Erythrina x bidwillii Fabaceae Coral Bean Tree

Mansfeld’s Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops: (Except … edited by Peter Hanelt, R. Büttner (2001)- Details-  
Erythrina mitis (Cultivated)

An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India By K. M. Matthew (1995)- Details with keys
Forest Plants of Eastern India By Amal Bhusan Chaudhuri (1993)- Brief Details-
Floriculture in India By Gurcharan Singh Randhawa, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay (1986)- Brief details-


Flora of Davanagere District, Karnataka, India By B. K. Manjunatha, V. Krishna, T. Pullaiah (2004)- Details with Keys
Erythrina stricta
Erythrina suberosa

Flora of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India By T. Pullaiah, Chintala Prabhakar, B. Ravi Prasad Rao (1995)- Details with keys
Erythrina stricta
Erythrina variegata

Erythrina :  3 posts by 2 authors.

I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on  Erythrina

Attempts have been made to incorporate most of the species available in India & nearby areas with details & keys directly or through links as far as possible. It’s quite possible that there may be some discrepancy in the accepted names & synonyms taken from other links.

Species discussed so far in efloraofindia are given at the bottom of the page in the form of links against Subpages. On clicking them one can see all the details.

Any comments/ corrections are welcome.

I have added a piece of information on Erythrina  page of eFI today and text is yellow highlighted.


Erythrina page with images of species in efloraofindia : 3 posts by 2 authors.

Pl. go through Erythrina page with images of species (done by Surajit ji) in efloraofindia.

If you find any mis-identification, pl. let us know.

If anybody can send images of other species of this genera (for incorporation in the website), if any, it will be really nice. Also, if anybody is interested to take up the activity of inserting images on efloraofindia pages from efloraofindia posts, pl. let me know.

Two images in E. stricta and E. suberosa are same and are most likely E. stricta (Illustration on http://www.efloras.org/object_page.aspx?object_id=116719&flora_id=2 shows dense spines) I have also observed dense spines in E. stricta and unarmed petioles (major identification feature being glabrous leaves).
The first set of images in E. suberosa link, By … seems to be correct. The last image shows sparse spines than E. stricta. But the second set of images by … (two of these repeated on main page) seem more like E. stricta.
The description on the following links given in the page also indicate to same points.
Please seek further expert opinion on this.

Thanks … Most probably I had labelled my photos as E. suberosa. One of the photos was submitted to UBC Botanical Garden, long back in 2007.
E. stricta var. suberosa got suggested.
Will wait for any more comment(s) to know if it is E. stricta.

Thanks, … Pl. see the calyx picture (most important character for their identity) in the 2nd set at Erythrina suberosa Roxb., which clearly points towards these being Eruthrina suberosa. Pl. also see the keys at this page.
As per discussions in different threads, spines are quite variable & quite confusing for their identification.
Pl. see the calyx in the illustration at  http://www.efloras.org/object_page.aspx?object_id=116719&flora_id=2


Erythrina (‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Fabaceae (Leguminosae)‎) page with images of species in efloraofindia : 1 post by 1 author.

Pl. go through Erythrina (‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Fabaceae (Leguminosae)‎) page with images of species (done by me) in efloraofindia.

If you find any incorrect identification, pl. let us know. If anybody can send images of other species of this genera (for incorporation in the website), if any, or can identify unidentified images, it will be really nice.

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