Ruellia beddomei C. B. Cl. (India (C- to E- & S-India, Upper Gangetic Plains), Nepal as per CoL)


Ruellia elegans Poir. (Cultivated) 



FLOWERING PLANTS OF INDIA, DICOTYLEDONS, Vol-I (Acanthaceae-Avicenniaceae) authored by S. Karthikeyan, M. Sanjappa and S. Moorthy and published by BSI, Kolkata in 2009 is an important document for names, authority and distribution of Acanthaceae species in India.

As per this document (Karthikeyan et al., 2009) following species of Ruellia occur in India:
  1. Ruellia beddomei C.B. Clarke
  2. R. cernua Roxb.
  3. R. ciliatiflora Hook.
  4. R. malabarica Kostel.
  5. R. patula Jacq. [var. patula, var. alba Saxton]
  6. R. prostrata Poir.
  7. R. pseudopetula Ensermu
  8. R. sivrajanii Sreedevi & Binojk.
  9. R. suffruticosa Roxb.
  10. R. tuberosa L. 
In addition to these wild species many ornamental Ruellia species (R. elegans, R. nudiflora, R. simplex, R. strepens etc.) are also cultivated in India. 


Binomial Habit Notes Ref. Distrib.
Blume (Syn. of Strobilanthes alternata (Burm. f.) E. Moylan ex J. R. I. Wood, comb. nov. as per New Names and Combinations in Indian Acanthaceae by John R. I. Wood- Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 23(3):385-395. 2014)
Herb Cultivated Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. II, 1987
Ruellia tuberosa L. Herb Plains,
Cultivated, Moist Localities
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. II, 1987

Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Ruellia brittoniana (synonym of Ruellia simplex)   Acanthaceae Desert Petunia
Ruellia elegans Acanthaceae Red Ruellia
Ruellia nudiflora Acanthaceae Violet Wild Petunia
Ruellia rivularis (?) Ruellia prostrata var. dejecta, Dipteracanthus dejectus, Ruellia prostrata Acanthaceae Bell Weed
Ruellia strepens Dipteracanthus micranthus, Dipteracanthus strepens Acanthaceae Limestone Ruellia
Ruellia tuberosa Acanthaceae Minnie Root

Gardening in India By George Marshall Woodrow, G Marshall (1999-
Ruellia baikiei)


Flora of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India By T. Pullaiah, Chintala Prabhakar, B. Ravi Prasad Rao (1998- Detail with Keys
Dipteracanthus patulus (Jacq.) Neesis a synonym of Ruellia patula,
Ruellia prostrata Poir., (syn. (≡) Dipteracanthus prostratus (Poir.) Nees))




A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon -, Volume 12 By M. D. Dassanayake (1998- Detail with Keys)-
Dipteracanthus patulus (Jacq.) Neesis a synonym of Ruellia patula,
Ruellia prostrata Poir., (syn. (≡) Dipteracanthus prostratus (Poir.) Nees


Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Chhatarpur and Damoh By G. P. Roy, B. K. Shukla, Bhaskar Datt (1992)- Details-
Ruellia prostrata

Ruellia cuspidata a synonym of Lepidagathis cuspidata Nees,


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I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on Ruellia

Attempts have been made to incorporate most of the species available in India & nearby areas with details & keys directly or through links as far as possible. It’s quite possible that there may be some discrepancy in the accepted names & synonyms taken from other links.

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If someone can provide complete list of Indian species with source references it will be wonderful.

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I have added list of species wild in India.

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