Phyllanthus macraei Müll.Arg., Linnaea 32: 29 1863. (Syn: Diasperus macraei (Müll.Arg.) Kuntze; Macraea rheedei Wight);
SW. India as per POWO;
Macrae’s Leaf-Flower;

Herbs, apparently reaching 50- 90 cm in height; branchlets and leaves softly hispid. Leaves elliptic or elliptic-oblong, obtuse, up to 5 x 2.5 cm, subcordate at base, glaucous beneath, glabrous or hispid; lateral nerves about 7 pairs; stipules peltate, subsagittate. Male flowers fascicled, shortly pedicelled, female long-pedicelled. Calyx lobes 5-6, imbricate. Petals 0. Disk of female cushion-shaped, thick; style lobes erect, spreading; disk of male of large flat glands; filaments free; anthers subglobose, the cells dehiscing transversely or on a slant. Ovary 3-celled; styles 3, free or connate at base, 2-fid. Capsule more or less verrucose, prominently warted when wet; seeds minutely tubercled.

Flowering and fruiting: August-January
Shola forests and grasslands
Southern Western Ghats
(From  India Biodiversity Portal (Phyllanthus macraei var. hispidus)


Please help to id this Euphorbiaceae member. Could this be Phyllanthus rheedi?

Date/Time- 06-11-2010 / 11:00 AM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPca.2200asl; Kodaikanal, TN
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- closer to water-falls; wet-rocky
Plant Habit-sub-shrub
Height/Length- 1 -2 m; winged stem
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- 3 x 1 cm
Inflorescence Type/ Size- axillary; 1cm longer
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- white tepals
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- 5-7 mm across
Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.-

-This is Phyllanthus macraei Muell. Arg. var. hispidus Gamble. It is endemic to peninsular India.



Euphorbiaceae Fortnight :: herb for ID :: MK005 : Attachments (4). 7 posts by 5 authors.
Please help me in identifying this herb of height up to 2 feet.
Leaf: up to 3 cm long
Date: 17 Aug 2013
Place: Kothagiri RF, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2000 m asl
Habitat: open floor near Evergreen forest

What about Phyllanthus reticulatus?

This looks different from P. reticulatus … surely a Phyllanthus as you have pointed out..

I am unable to fix a name to it

This is not P.reticulatus for sure.

Phyllanthus gardnerianus (Wight) Baill. ???

This is most probably Phyllanthus gardnerianus. It is very close to P. narayanswamii which may not be specifically distinct.

I am sorry. This is not Phyllanthus gardnerianus. On a closer look, this is the rare species, Phyllanthus macraei, occurring on the Nilgiris and a few other places in Tamil Nadu.



POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List  Flora of Peninsular India  Flowers of India  India Biodiversity Portal (Phyllanthus macraei var. hispidus)  India Biodiversity Portal (Phyllanthus macraei var. macraei) 

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