Phyllanthus scabrifolius Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 5: 299 1887. (Syn:Diasperus scabrifolius (Hook.f.) Kuntze);



Requesting id of a Phyllanthus spp: Found, Phyllanthus species along with P amarus in Chamundi hill, Mysore,
on 10th July  2011. 

Phyllanthus kozhikodianus, perhaps.

… has ided it as P. scabrifolius.

Ok, I agree with … id. Thank you.

It is very difficult to Id Phyllanthus by looking at pictures, unless the person who upload provide the key characters that are useful to run the key.
Here are some useful links to understand both the species mentioned in the thread.

A humble request, when someone post any picture has already identified by a Botanist/expert, please mention the same with id while posting the pictures itself because those are valuable information as the id might have done by handling live specimen by an expert/botanist! that makes huge difference, especially for herbs.

There are different keys provided by different people including.. who made a wonderful attempt to come up with a very useful simple key that can be used even by a lay person).

Please do collect and archive these updates and publications and refer these keys when we get a specimen, provided that we know the genus/family of the specimen in hand and share your thoughts as well. We shall later confirm after discussing, if feel doubt or difficulty.

Please further refer @…


Phyllanthus kozhikod.pdf

Phyllanthus kozhi from AP.pdf

Phyllanthus kozhi from TN.pdf


Phyllanthus scabrifolius Hook. f. in Amingad, Bagalkot.pdf


EUPHORBIACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Phyllanthus 2 for id from Gori Valley NS-58 Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.

This small herb was shot from Gori Valley area, I do not have habit pics or fruit pics to confirm..  can this again be Phyllanthus urinaria…??

Phyllanthus scabrifolius.

New for me, thanks …, will look for this to have detailed pics in the next tour…



Identification of Phyllanthus species- request : Attachments (3).  6 posts by 4 authors.
This herb looks like Phyllanthus rheedi, but the difference is the female flowers are much larger and yellow, in few numbers, in upper axils only. The stipules are large and pink; the seed is dark brown with longitudinal concentric furrows to 7 on all the 3 sides. Please help me in the identification of this Phyllanthus.
Photographed at Eastren ghats at Rapur, Nellore district.

This not Phyllanthus rheedei. Please study it in detail.

Can it be Phyllanthus scabrifolius?

If there are hairs on branches and undersurface of leaves, then it can be Phyllanthus scabrifolius.

Phyllanthus scabrifolius. May be a variant.


ARJUL71 Phyllanthus sp. for ID : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2).
July 2014

Could this be Phyllanthus scabrifolius?

How tall is the plant? Is it growing wild in Bangalore? 

It was a short herb sir, no more than a foot in height. This was found close to Bannerghatta National Park on the outskirts of Bangalore growing wild next to a lake.

It may be Phyllanthus rheedii. To me, it doesn’t look like P. scabrifolius or P. kozhikodianus.
Let’s wait for more comments.

It may be Phyllanthus rheedii. To me, it doesn’t look like P. scabrifolius or P. kozhikodianus.
Let’s wait for more comments.

Thank you … Then the id is confirmed as P. scabrifolius.

Thank you for your inputs …





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