Images by (Suresh Rana – Id by Ritesh Choudhary) & (Alok Mahendroo – validation by Gurcharan Singh) 



Plants for ID: 281011 SRANA 02: Date: 5th August 2011
Location: Bhotnallah catchment of Chenab valley Kishtwar
Altitude: 2700 meters asl
Plant Habit/Habitat: Wild herb
Plant height: 1-2 feets

Dianthus angulatus Royle
Family: Caryophyllaceae.

Yes Dianthus angulatus, the only species of J & K with fringed petals.



Plant for ID: 291011 SRANA 06: Request for identification

Date: 5 August 2011
Plant Location: Bhottnalla catchment Chenab Valley Paddar Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 2772 meters asl
GPS: 33.41 N and 76.32 E
Habit/Habitat: Wild herb
Plant height: 1-2 feets

I think same Dianthus angulatus, identified earlier also


Pangi id al080911a: A wild carnation… anyone knowing more about it…

Location Pangi, Himachal
Altitude 3000mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 10 inches
I am sorry the second photo looks quite a muddle… but the leaves were like grass… the flowers at places also had a pinkish tinge on them…


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