IDENTITY -43 : 1 image.
Attaching collage of a road -side plant. The leaves on crushing emits a very strong smell.
Will you please identify ?

Artemisia sp.

Pl. check Artemisia nilagirica (C.B.Clarke) Pamp. with your high resolution images, as details are not clearly seen here. 

May I request you to pl. send high res. images to check the details further.
I am not sure with the posted images.

Please ignore my suggestion. I suggested an alternative id because, as per “Flora of China “,, Artemisia nilagrica is a 20-60 cm tall herb and the plant in the uploaded pictures looked taller than a 60 cm plant.
However, later I found out we have a number of Himalayan Artemisia which eFI doesn’t feature and the uploaded plant can be any one of those spp.

Can it be A.dubia?

I don’t think A. dubia has distribution in Bihar, it mostly occurs at altitudes above 2500 m

What else?

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