Phyllanthus talbotii Sedgw.,  J. Indian Bot. 2: 124 1921.;
SW. India (Goa, Karnataka) as per POWO;


ANJAN29/29 Phyllanthus sp. for identification : 8 posts by 4 authors. 3 correct images as above.

Family: Phyllanthaceae
Date: 26th December 2014
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka
Habitat: Next to a stream (seen in more than one place growing in large numbers next to streams)

While the first three photos look like Phyllanthus debilis, the last two photos may be P. fraternus.

It seems to be Phyllanthus amarus

The images represent a mixture. The last two photos may be Phyllanthus amarus, as pointed out by .., which has one male flower and one female flower per axil but this feature is not clear in the images.

Thank you … I have not realised perhaps that the group of bushes of Phyllanthus sp. may have contained more than one species while photographing.

The first three photos are also matching with Phyllanthus talbotii, a rare endemic occurring in Karnataka. Kindly try to collect flowering and fruiting materials.

Sir, I will try to do so on my next trip there. Thank you.

Fruits and female flower clicked yesterday at the same place. Attachments (4)

This is Phyllanthus talbotii.


Agumbe :: Phyllanthus FOR ID :: DVJAN45: 3 posts by 2 authors.
Agumbe Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Date: 26 DEC 2014 … Altitude: about 700 m asl
A colony of reddish stemmed Phyllanthus plants of about 2 ft height was found on stream bed.
As much as I can recollect, all of the plants were of same kind.
These plants are same as detailed by … in his post … ANJAN29/29.
Phyllanthus ¿ species ? … (family: Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae)

Phyllanthus talbotii, a rare endemic, originally described from Karnataka and now known to occur also in Goa.