Impatiens monticola Hook. f., Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. Nat., sér. 4, 10: 257 1908. ;
Common name: Mountain Balsam



MS Oct. 2016/13 Impatiens sp. for ID : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Location : Kepran, Mizoram
Altitude : ca. 1,200 m.
Date : 05/11/2015
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Thanks, … Pl. see comparative images at Impatiens

Looks similar to Impatiens mengtszeana, however leaves are less acuminate… Good side view of flower could help.

Do you have any side views ?

No, sir. Sorry ! It is Impatiens monticola


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