Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 381 1805. (syn: Mengea tenuifolia Moq.);
India (E-, N to W-India), Pakistan (Pakistani Punjab), Bangladesh as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by (Prashant Desai – validation by Surajit Koley), (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)



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Plants from gujarat

its from amaranthaceae
its Amaranthus tenuifolius ?

found in wet places

Yes, Sir, it resembles the illustration in Icones –

Amaranthus tenuifolius Roxb. is a synonym of Amaranthus blitum L. in the illustration as above. 

Amaranthus species so far in efi.

It should be Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per


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Pl. check images of Amaranthaceae members at the give link.

As your suggestion i go throw efloraindia and find that my posted plant is similar to Amaranthus blitum but google picture not same. I am confused. Please help me is it A. blitum or not.

Thanks, … I think it matches with livid amaranth as at & as per Flora of Pakistan, which considers Amaranthus blitum L. as a syn. of Amaranthus lividus Linn.
It A. blitum is widely distributed with many subspecies.

More details in this regard this confusion is given in Flora of North America (Amaranthus blitum Linnaeus syn. A. lividus Linnaeus)

It should be Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per

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this is wetland plant
i haven’t idea about family

The pictures are not clear. Looks very confusing. Some times look like Ammania buccifera and some times a species of Alternanthera?

I think this is Ammania buccifera

Does not match with images at Ammannia baccifera

May be some Alternanthera species

… is right. How about Parietaria species.

I think Amaranthus blitum L.

Your ID seems to be correct. However one need to check all the morphological characters again using the origimal specimen, as it is difficult to study the characters accurately from the photographs.

It should be Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per

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Please Id
Location: Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh
Altitude: 95 mt.

Pl. check

It is not amaranthaceae plant but it is some member of Urticaceae

Thanks, …  I do not think so.

To me appears close to images at Amaranthus blitum L.

It should be Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per


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Please help me to Identify this plant. Is was taken from Jute field on 15/5/2019, Natore Bangladesh.

Looks like Amaranthus polygonoides, Amaranthaceae.

It should be Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per details and images herein.
Amaranthus polygonoides L. is different as per images and references herein.

ID-19022013-PR-1: Plants from gujarat

i think its from Amaranthaceae
not sure

plz id it

Plants from gujarat
Wild wetland plant found in drying moist ground
may be 30 cm
flower colour look like purple
flower is very minute

Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd. as per images and details herein.


ID-131212-PR-1: plant from gujarat

this is wetland plant

dnt know about family

Some Gnaphalium from Asteraceae family

Chenopodium album L.  ??


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plants from gujarat

habit herb
habitat wild
found in moist place
dnt know about family

plz say atleast family

A reply from another thread:

“Some Gnaphalium from Asteraceae family.” (ID-131212-PR-1:)

Chenopodium album L.  ??


Id-02062012-PR-1:  Plants from Gujarat
Wetland plant
Height 20 cm

Amaranthus tenuifolius Willd.





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