For the last few days, it appears that Google has withdrawn the option of going to Classic Google groups.
I found a few problems and highlighted them to Google.
These are as below:
1. Hardly any space to write a reply (One is hardly able to see correctly as to what one is writing) through New Google groups.
2. Moving from one thread to another serial wise and loading of a particular post in New Google groups, takes a lot of time (say 15 to 30 seconds).
3. Lots of data, which used to be available earlier like Month wise Top 10 posters in a month, Month Wise details of topics and messages, Overall Top 10 posters till date, Details of messages posted by individual members etc. are gone.
4. We no longer see the facility of putting some messages at the top, so that it is widely seen by visitors.

Pl. highlight any solution to these problems and other problematic issues, so that these are put forward to Google.

Yes … it is difficult to search unlike earlier

What I learnt about the recent updates from Google (mainly through gmail)..iWs that Google is gradually pulling itself away from being a free platform for non-commercial users. Everything on Google will be charged in slabs, and for this, they are introducing many new features…
And the promise (has been its promotional tagline): “the services are free and they always will be” is now soon to be broken..
But my little information is not reliable. Let us finish the CMS to CMS transfer as soon as possible. Google will start charging for storage of images, beyond a certain upper limit..

More technical views may give some clues to you..

Thanks a lot, …
CMS to CMS migration is almost complete after almost three months of hard work.

Hope we get the new site from our vendor within next few weeks.

Now that the new Google group format appears in the phone I can’t figure out how to reply from the phone. Is there a way?

Thanks, …, for this important feedback.
I also check on my mobile. I also could not find any reply button.

I am reporting the matter to Google. Hope something comes up soon.

I have reported the matter as below:
“I am neither finding any reply button nor setting button while browsing the group on my mobile.
This is a very serious issue. Pl. look into it and resolve as early as possible.”

Thanks, …,
While looking for the issue on the net, I found the answer.
You have to sign in (if already not signed to gmail in your mobile) and select ‘Desktop site’ mode under the options at ‘three vertical dots’ icon at the top right of your screen.
I tried it myself and was able to see the reply buttons.
Pl. try and let me know if you have any issues.
Here are more details from the net:

I can’t find the option of ‘Email updates to me’.

As such, it is very difficult to find out if there are new updates to my post.
Earlier, I was getting updates directly in my Gmail once I click on the above.

Unless a copy is marked to me, I would not know in future.

OK. I was not aware of any such option, as not using it.

Thanks a lot …, this seems to work.

In answer to … point if you click on the Subscribe box then I think you get the emails sent to you.

Pl. check if it solves your issue.

Thanks … I could locate the Subscribe box, and on clicking on it, I did receive a copy on my Gmail.

It was on the top right.

But the Subscribe box option is not seen in all the posts.

Let me also understand where it is ?

It is on the top right of the first post of a thread.

Can you take the photo or screenshot and post?


2 images.

Thanks, … But I do not see it, possibly because I am getting all the mails otherwise also

Yes … I thought so too.

Those who are subscribed to receive all the mails may not have this option


In the changed eflora group format how to check the postings initiated by me. Earlier it was easier. Please advise me.

I think one option is to search with your mail id.

Did it help you ?

Also see more solutions at Problems in new Google groups

I tried. But was not successful. Perhaps, I have not followed the proper steps !

I will try your new suggestion and return to you.


Setting of eflora group

I had not visited the group since last few weeks.But when I opened the page today,the settings seem to have changed.Earlier I used to go to  ‘ Filter’ option to see my queries and the answers.Now I can’t see that option.It’s very difficult to search the old posts of mine.Can you please help me to sort out this ?

Thanks, …, Pl. see the following, which may help you with the issues Problems/ solutions in new Google groups

Pl. let us know if it does not solve/ lessen your issues.

Thanks … Do I have to search this on Google itself ?

Pl. click on the link.

I checked the page on the given link, but couldn’t find the solution.Can i ask the question on that page under ‘Leave a Reply’ ?

No, this is the page created by me in our new site.
You try to search on your mail id.

I searched on ‘koa…‘ and could find all the posts where your mail id is there chronologically.

Thanks … I will check. But it seems Google has removed earlier ‘Filter’ function.Can’t we go back to old format of google ?

Thanks, … No, New google groups are now permanent. We can not go to the old format.

Thanks once again … Yes, I could find out all my posts chronologically. But somehow, I haven’t liked this new format from Google. Earlier ‘Unread’ messages were getting highlighted but in this new format there is no such facility. Anyways can’t help.

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