Rotala biglandulosa Arun Prasanth R. & Milind M. Sardesai, September 2022 Folia Geobotanica 57(3);


Kas Week :: DV :: 28 SEP 08 – 1202 :: Rotala densiflora:
Kas plateauabout 4000 ft asl
… one of the 39 World Heritage sites in the Western Ghats of India
28 SEP 08
Rotala densiflora (Roth) Koehne … (family: Lythraceae)
ro-TAY-luh — from rotalis (wheeled, wheel-like), referring to the whorled leavesDave’s Botanary
den-see-FLOR-uh — densely floweredDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: densely flowered rotala • Marathi: जलमुखी jalamukhi
Native to: e Africa, tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia
References: eFloraFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar

Many thanks to Arun Prasanth Ravichandran for correcting the ID in iNaturalist to Rotala biglandulosa Arun Pr. & Sardesai – a recently described species from northern Western Ghats, India.

this is interesting. What are the characters visible in your photos which can identify it as the new species?

Perhaps the locality, habitat, habit and form of the herb could have helped in suggesting the ID. Arun Prasanth Ravichandran who suggested the ID, is one of the authors (other being Milind M. Sardesai ji) of this newly described species.

If so, than it will be in line with long list of species posted much earlier, before their actual publication.


Posted in 2012- published as a new species in 2022:
Congrats to Dinesh ji.
What he posted in 2012, was published as a new species in 2022. Pl. see details at
Another feather in the cap of eFloraofIndia.

Congratulations Dinesh ji and the authors.

congratulations to Dineshji, and of course a bit late to Ushaprabha ji for their collection of new species

Congratulations dear Dinesh ji for the initial posting.

Congratulations Dinesh Ji

Congratulations Dear Dinesh.

Many congratulations Dinesh Ji !

Great 👍, Valke ji. Congratulations 👏

Congrats Dinesh Ji.

Congratulations to the authors and Dinesh sir for an amazing find as usual.

Congratulations to Dinesh ji and the authors of the paper on the beautiful new find and publication!


KAS Week:: (Unknown herb 04/10/2012 – NJ):
Unknown herb from KAS plateau
Photo taken in the month of September
Tiny flowers, height around 1 foot.
Experts for comments

… species of Rotala (family Lythraceae).

Rotala densiflora

It looks like something related to R. densiflora.

Rotala biglandulosa as per identification by Arun ji at discussion link Rotala biglandulosa


Rotala floribunda _Kas_Sept 09_SSN : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).
posted pics. of Rotala floribunda (Ammania floribunda).
Local Marathi name : Machim
pics taken at kas plateau near Satara, Maharashtra in Sept 2009.

…, not certain whether this plant is indeed R. floribunda as you have put.
Referring Shrikant ji’s FOS pg 176, the illustration looks different.
Comments from friends welcome for validation of the posted plant’s ID.

This looks like Rotala densiflora.

THE PLANT HAS MUCH RESEMBLENCE TO Rotala floribunda.. but to be checked for its bifid stigma…
..Anyhow.. if its R.floribunda… present collection may be its extended distribution as it was confined to Mahableshwar hills, and above1500 msl…

thanx for ur reply and add. info.
i am sorry my pics are not clear to confirm the bifid stigma. i checked my other pics too.

Characters are needed.

This species is not Rotala floribunda but R. densiflora.
Rotala floribunda is endemic to Mahabaleshwar Hills of Pune and is a somewhat large, branched herb with hetrostyly and without calyx appendages. Here we can make out rhe calx appendages from the photograph itself.

Rotala biglandulosa as per identification by Arun ji at discussion link Rotala biglandulosa



DV – 26AUG10 – 1130AM :: Rotala / Ammannia species ? : 11 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (4).

The herb looks similar to Ammannia plants.
ID please

Date/Time : August 26, 2010 at 11.30am
Location Place
: Tableland, Panchagani
Altitude : about 1323 m (above mean sea level)
GPS : around 17°55’19.30″N, 73°48’17.87″E

Habitat : grassland
Type : moist ground

Habit : small herb
Height : about 15 -20 cm
Length : – not a climber –

Type : simple with entire margin, oppositely arranged
: linear lanceloate
Size : about 15 – 30 mm x 3 – 5 mm

Type : perhaps solitary, in axils … mostly in axils of leaves at the top.
Size : 4 – 5 mm

Size : 4 – 5 mm
Colour : rose pink
Calyx : do not know
Bracts : – no bracts –

Looks like Ammannia to me too , but what ever be its name it will be new to me

… saw similar looking plant Rotola acquatica as Ided by Dr. Almeida near a river at Sawantwadi, Mah. posting the same separately.

Rotula aquatica Lour. is from Boraginaceae and it is a hardy shrubby plant in  the stream beds–common in SGNP.
This plant is Rotala…………LYTHRACEAE

1. Leaves 3-nately whorled……R. occultiflora
1. Leaves opposite………………R. densiflora

Many thanks … the leaves look opposite for sure, it is difficult for me to make out whether it is 3-nately whorled.
Will get better views diuring my next visit.

looks like allied to R. densiflora. Provide all characters.

Flowers and habit look like Rotala densiflora
Rotala biglandulosa
as per identification by Arun ji at discussion link Rotala biglandulosa


KAS Week::(Rotala densiflora – 09/10/2012-NJ):
Rotala densifloraJalamukhi

Rotala biglandulosa as per identification by Arun ji at discussion link Rotala biglandulosa


Rotala biglandulosa:
Congrats for the good work you are doing, including the recent publication on Rotala biglandulosa.

May I request you to pl. check species at and confirm if any of the posts belong to Rotala biglandulosa:
Also request a copy of the publication for my personal use only.

I have identified the species of Rotala from the link you have sent and also attached a copy of the article along with this email.
The identification characters of the recently described species Rotala biglandulosa is cryptic in the field. The species can be distinguished by various floral characteristics which are mostly microscopic.
But could differentiate R. biglandulosa and R. densiflora based on tri and penta- merous flowers respectively.
Special thanks to the team and all the contributors of the efloraofindia group for making such wide biodiversity data available to all of us.
Rotala biglandulosa

KAS Week:: (Unknown herb 04/10/2012 – NJ):

Rotala juniperina
Please identify this Rotala seems like desiflora but could be floribunda (one image is R. juniperina and another seems to be R. rosea)
Rotala densiflora


Rotala biglandulosa (Lythraceae) – a new species of macrophyte from high-level ferricretes of the northern Western Ghats, India, September 2022 Folia Geobotanica 57(3)- Arun Prasanth R. & Milind M. Sardesai