Rotala serpyllifolia (Roth) Bremek., Acta Bot. Neerl. 3: 149 1954. (syn: Ameletia tenuis Wight; Ammannia tenuis Clarke in Hook.f.);

Rotala serpyllifolia is annual or perennial in permanent water.

In India, it is widely spread in southern, central, eastern and northwestern India (Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal) and also seen in Bangladesh and Pakistan (Cook 1996; Pullaiah and Chennaiah 1997).
It grows submerged in rivers, streams and lakes but is also found in standing water recedes. The shoots are often tightly packed and turf-forming (Cook 1996). It grows in seasonally inundated areas and flowers as the water recedes. The erect stems are often dense and cushion-forming (Joseph and Sivarajan 1989).

ID confirmation : Which Rotala Species is it? : Attachments (1).  5 posts by 4 authors.
Photographed in Dec`2011 at Matheran, near stream (water fall)

Appears to be Rotala floribunda. Kindly upload more images of leaves to ascertain the identity.

I am sorry….. but have lost the plant now…. it was near a water fall which has dried up till now and I have no other pic of it……

Its Rotala serpyfolia (Roth) Bremek

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Found in water stream In evergreen forest
Bhimashankar wls 26/12/13

Rotala tenuis.

No such species is mentioned in the following:

A New Species of Rotala L. (Lythraceae) from Kerala by K. Subrahmanya Prasad and K. Raveendran (Keys of 25 species found in India of which 15 are endemic to Paninsular India\
As per the Plant List: Rotala tenuis Koehneis an unresolved name.
This name is unresolved, but some data suggest that it is synonymous with Ammannia tenuis (Wight) C.B.Clarke
As per your flickr post references, Flora of Eastern Ghats & efloraofindia, it should be Rotala serpyllifolia (syn: Ammannia tenuis Clarke in Hook.f.)

Yes, Rotala tenuis

Also A New Species of Rotala L. (Lythraceae) from Kerala by K. Subrahmanya Prasad and K. Raveendran (Keys of 25 species found in India of which 15 are endemic to Paninsular India)
It is in conflict to all these.

I couldn’t open the document.
In BSI Fl of Mah, Rotala serpyllifolia seems to fit this photo. It is a syn. of Ammannia tenuis.

Rotala serpyllifolia is the correct name of Roata tenuis
I didn’t see the picture, but saw the comments regarding your post.

For me it is Rotala serpyllifolia (Roth.) Brem. Rotala tenuis is a synonym of R. serpyllifolia.

I was on usual bird photography trip to Dangs in Southern Gujarat, which is northern limits of Western Ghats falling in Gujarat….
I found this plants growing everywhere in 5-6 streams, ….Their color was so contrasting and beautiful red I could not resist to click some pictures….and some samples to identify them later along with try to put them in my planted aquarium…..
It’s kinda mat-forming plants with a creeping stem up to 5-15 centimeters long, rooting at nodes which come in contact with wet substrate.
At first glance it looked like Ludwigia Spp. but later found out all Ludwigia have yellow flowers where as this one has red/purple kinda small flowers….There leaves were very small say .5 to 1 cm in emerged growth and submerged growth has slightly longer leaves say 1 cm. and a bit longish…
Here are some pics…..As I just returned from 2 days trip straight to office I will take some more shots of collected specimen emerged and submerged growth later tonight when at home….and share with you tomorrow…


Location- – Ahawa, Dangs, Gujarat

Habitat- Wild

Plant Habit – Herb?

Height/Length- 10-15 CM stems

I think the photos have been mixed up. The image 8700 seems to be Rotala floribunda

… any chance of Rotala tenuis than R. floribunda for 20121202_120554__MG_8700-ed2-rs.jpg ?

None of the images are mixed up…..

I agree with … on ID for all images.

Does not matches with images at
I think close to images at Rotala serpyllifolia (Roth) Bremek.

Indentity plant species : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)- around 700 kb each.
Date- 25/12/19
Location- Madhe ghat Western ghats pune

Habitat Type-WILD
Plant Habit-Herb
Height/Length- 5 to 10cm
Other: grows near water body

Rotala serpyfolia (Roth) Bremek ??

Yes. Matches with images at Rotala serpyllifolia

Addition of new rarer species of Aquatic macrophyte Rotala – Rotala serpiphylla: 4 images.
I request you to add this Aquatic macrophyte species found only in India.
Rotala serpiphylla in natural habitat of stream. Home in Maharashtra India
Species identified by a German Botanists Heiko muth.
Please add this rare species it seems to be endangered as it is a ecotypic, adapted to a specific place, species growing by steadfast, special roots, only on rocks of clear, unpolluted streams.
The main photo is immersed above water growth, this species shows Heterophylly with thin, red pink leaves are produced when completely submerged under water (Photo attached). Submerged growth is rarer to find.

I think the correct spelling will be Rotala serpyllifolia (Roth) Bremek.


Tiny Plants for ID : Nasik : 04JAN22 : AK – 03:
Very tiny plants growing on a rock with water seepage near a river.
Could be Rotala Species?
Will try going closer to click better images.

Rotala tenuis Koehne


Which rotala? at Kerwa Dam, Bhopal: 2 high res. images.

Rotala serpyllifolia (Roth) Bremek.


Yes, as per images at—l/l/lythraceae/rotala/rotala-serpyllifolia


I’d please place kota Rajasthan India: 2 very high res. images.

Can it be the dried state of Rotala species?
Pl. see

Looks like species of Selaginella

No, it’s a flowering plant.

Can it be some Aerva ? A. lanata ?

It may be some Acanthaceae member, leaves opposite

I do not think so as per images at

I could not find anything close as per comparative images at

I tried many families like Acanthaceae, Amaranthaceae etc., but could not reach anywhere close.

Checked Lythraceae also.

If it is a flowering plant, then check Rungia muralis.

Sorry it is not Rungia as it is not a one sided spike.
Maybe an Acanthacean member, but a dried specimen, difficult to reach a conclusion, I think.

Rotala serpyllifolia.

You have finally nailed the id.
Appears close as per images at
I have gone through Rotala species two times earlier for its id but could not pinpoint it.




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