(ABSTRACT: The existing confusion on the taxonomic status of five taxa of Pedicularis viz. P. punctata Decne, P. siphonantha D.Don, P. hookeriana Wall. ex Benth., P. megalantha D. Don and P. hoffmeisteri Kl. ex Kl. & Garcke is resolved on the basis of critical morphological study. These taxa belong to section Siphonanthae, subgenus Longirostres. Pennell’s view of segregating these taxa into distinct species is defended and upheld).

1. Leaves with pinnae 3-6 pairs; labium with white throat ..…. 1. P. punctata (throughout the Western Himalayas from eastern Afghanistan, Pakistan to Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh in India uptill western Tibet. )
1. Leaves with pinnae more than 6 pairs; labium of uniform colour …… 2
2. Dwarf densely tufted herbs; calyx 3-lobed, lobes adentate …….. P. siphonantha (from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal in western Himalayas to Sikkim and Assam in eastern Himalayas uptill eastern Tibet)
2. Erect or sub-erect herbs; calyx 2-lobed or 5-lobed, lobes dentate … 3
3. Calyx 2-lobed, deeply cleft; leaves bi-pinnatisect; bracts branched once; galea with minute hairs; stamens inserted at the base of galea …. 3. P. hookeriana (from Simla in Himachal Pradesh (Western Himalayas) to Nepal)
3. Calyx 5-lobed; leaves pinnatifid; bracts un-branched; galea glabrous; stamens inserted at top of tube ………. 4
4. Corolla purple; galea without tooth; anterior pair of filaments hairy, posterior glabrous ……….. 4. P. megalantha (from the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh to Sikkim in India, upto Bhutan)
4. Corolla bright to pale yellow; galea with sharp tooth at base; all filaments hairy, anterior pair densely hairy, posterior with few hairs below the anther…….….. 5. P. hoffmeisteri

Images by Nidhan Singh (Id by Umeshkumar Tiwari), Balkar Singh (id by Gurcharan Singh) & Gurcharan Singh (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links) 


Pedicularis bifida ?



Pedicularis cheilanthifolia Shrenk (China (Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang), N-Tibet, Afghanistan (Wakhan), Pakistan (Pamirs), Pakistani Kashmir (Deosai, Gilgit, Baltistan), India, Jammu & Kashmir (Nubra, Dras, Ladakh, Kashmir), Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan as per Catalogue of Life)

Pedicularis denudata Hook.f. (East Himalaya as per POWO; Sikkim, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life)








Pedicularis megalantha D.Don (S-Tibet, SE-Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Chumbi, Darjeeling as per Catalogue of life)



Pedicularis pantlingii Prain (SE-Tibet, China (NW-Yunnan), Bhutan, India, Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin), Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim as per Catalogue of Life)





Pedicularis pyramidata Royle ex Benth. (NW-India, Afghanistan (Badakshan, Kunar / Nuristan, Orozgan / Daykundi, Parwan, Takhar), Pakistan (Hazara, Chitral, Kurram), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit, Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Poonch) as per Catalogue of Life)





Pedicularis trichoglossa Hook. f. (China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Qinghai, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO)


Genus Pedicularis L. (Scrophulariaceae) in India : A Revisionary Study by Tariq Husain, Arti Garg and Priyanka Agnihotri, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2010, x, 234 p, 24 color plates, 51 figs, ISBN : 9788121107358-

Contents: Foreword. Preface. I. Introduction. 1. Microhabitat and Speciation. 2. Stress Tolerance. 3. Hotspots in India – A historical review. 4. Distribution and ecology. II. Morphology. 5. Habit. 6. Root. 7. Stem. 8. Leaves. 9. Inflorscence. 10. Calyx. 11. Corolla. 12. Androecium. 13. Gynoecium. 14. Capsule. 15. Seeds. III. Evolution. 16. Evolution of Leaves. 17. Evolution of Flower. 18. Evolutionary trends encountered in Pedicularis gracillis Wall. ex Benth: A Case study. IV. Classification. V. Systematic Treatment. Key to Indian species of Pedicularis. Description of Species. References. Index.
This book is an outcome of the tireless efforts of the authors, between the years 2001 to 2009, who wandered in the Himalayan belt to observe the populations of Pedicularis L. in their natural habitat. The present book incorporates 83 Indian species, with many more infraspecific taxa. The text is in two halves, the first half includes general information about the genus such as microhabitat speciation, stress tolerance, hot spot, comparative morphology in tabular form, evolution in leaves and flowers, while, the second half deals with the systematic account and key to Indian species of Pedicularis. The key to the species is primarily based on the cauline leaves opposite or whorled and alternate. In the enumeration of species, each species is provided with complete nomenclature, citation, basionym, if any, synonyms, detailed morphology, phenology, ecology and distribution, critical notes and specimens examined. Line drawings of 52 taxa, 15 coloured plates and 9 plates of herbarium specimens have also been included for easy identification of taxa. (Jacket)

Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas  By Francis . Pennell (1943- Keys) (Distribution as per Catalogue of life)-
Pedicularis albida Pennell (syn. of Pedicularis cheilanthifolia subsp. cheilanthifolia) (China (Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang), N-Tibet, Afghanistan (Wakhan), Pakistan (Pamirs), Pakistani Kashmir (Deosai, Gilgit, Baltistan), India, Jammu & Kashmir (Nubra, Dras, Ladakh, Kashmir), Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan ) 
Pedicularis bicornuta Klotzsch (Pakistan (Kurram, Chitral, Swat, Hazara), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Deosai, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Zanskar, Poonch, Kashmir), N-India, Afghanistan (Badakshan, Baghlan, Kunar / Nuristan, Parwan), Nepal),
Pedicularis bifida (Buch.-Ham.) Pennell (Bhutan, Sikkim, N-India (Mussoorie), Nepal),
Pedicularis brunoniana Wall. ex Pennell (ambiguous synonym for Pedicularis gracilis subsp. macrocarpa (Prain) Tsoong) (S-Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Chumbi, W-Himalaya, Nepal),
Pedicularis brevifolia D. Don (Pakistani Kashmir (Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Kashmir), NW-India, Nepal, Pakistan (Chitral)),
Pedicularis brevirostris Pennell (Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Deosai), Afghanistan (Wakhan), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Zanskar)),
Pedicularis chitralensis Pennell syn. of Pedicularis brevifolia D. Don,
Pedicularis cyrtorrhyncha Pennell (Pakistan (Chitral, Dir), Afghanistan (Wakhan))- Pedicularis cyrtorhyncha Pennell as per IPNI,
Pedicularis dolichorhiza Schrenk (China (NW-Xinjiang), Afghanistan (Badakshan, Wakhan, Bamyan, Wardak, Parwan), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Pakistan (Chitral), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras)),
Pedicularis elephantoides Benth. (Pakistan (Hazara), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir)),
Pedicularis gracilis Wall. ex Benth. (S-Tibet, Pakistan (Kurram, Hazara, Murree), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin), Nepal),
Pedicularis heydei Prain (Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh), Nepal),
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Klotzsch (Nepal, Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), N-India),
Pedicularis hookeriana Wall. (Nepal),
Pedicularis kashmiriana Pennell synonym for Pedicularis pyramidata Royle ex Benth. (NW-India, Afghanistan (Badakshan, Kunar / Nuristan, Orozgan / Daykundi, Parwan, Takhar), Pakistan (Hazara, Chitral, Kurram), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit, Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Poonch)),
Pedicularis longiflora Rudolph (China (Gansu, Hebei, Nei Mongol, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, N-India, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Siberia (W-Siberia, C-Siberia), ?Kazakhstan),
Pedicularis longiflora subsp. tubiformis (Klotzsch) Pennell synonym for Pedicularis longiflora var. tubiformis (Klotzsch) Tsoong (China (W-Sichuan, NW-Yunnan), SE-Tibet, Nepal, Pakistani Kashmir (Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Rupshu, Leh), Bhutan, Sikkim, Chumbi)
Pedicularis maximowiczii Krasn. (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan),
Pedicularis macrantha Klotzsch. (syn. of Pedicularis klotzschii subsp. klotzschii) (Nepal)
Pedicularis mollis Wall. ex Benth. (Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Chumbi, Jammu & Kashmir (Nubra)),
Pedicularis multiflora Pennell (syn. of Pedicularis jainii subsp. multiflora (Pennell) T.Husain, Arti Garg & P.Agnihotri) (Pakistan (Swat), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir)),
Pedicularis nodosa Pennell (Nepal, N-India, ?Jammu & Kashmir),
Pedicularis oederi Vahl (Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Norway, Poland, Romania, N- & C-European Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Siberia (W-Siberia, C-Siberia), Russian Far East, China (Gansu, Hebei, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Yunnan), Tibet, Bhutan, Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Ladakh, Rupshu, Zanskar, Poonch, Kashmir), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Alaska, USA (Montana, Wyoming), Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Northern Territories, Yukon)),
Pedicularis oederi subsp. heteroglossa (Prain) Pennell synonym for Pedicularis heteroglossa (Prain) Pusalkar & D.K.Singh (China (Gansu, Hebei, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Yunnan), Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Japan (Hokkaido), Russian Far East (Kuril Isl., Kamchatka, Sakhalin))
Pedicularis ophiocephala Maxim. (S-Himalaya, Nepal),
Pedicularis pectinata Wall. ex Benn. (Pakistan (Chitral, Swat), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit, Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Poonch, Kashmir), NW-India, Nepal),
Pedicularis pectinata subsp. bipinnatifida Pennell synonym for Pedicularis bipinnatifida (Pennell) R.R.Mill (Pakistani Kashmir (Astor), Jammu & Kashmir (Poonch, Kashmir), Pakistan (Hazara))
Pedicularis pectinata subsp. palans Prain (Pakistan (Hazara, Murree))
Pedicularis porrecta Wall. (S-Himalaya, Nepal),
Pedicularis punctata Decne. (Afghanistan (Kunar / Nuristan), Pakistan (Kurram, Chitral, Swat, Hazara),
Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit, Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Poonch, Kashmir)),
Pedicularis purpurea Pennell synonym for Pedicularis cheilanthifolia var. purpurea (Pennell) P.C.Tsoong ex T.Husain & P.Agnihotri (Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Kashmir, Zanskar, Dras), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan))
Pedicularis pycnantha Boiss. (Iran (EC-Iran, NE-Iran: Mts., N-Iran, W-Iran), Iraq (NE-Iraq), Afghanistan (Badakshan, Baghlan, Bamyan, Ghazni, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Logar, Wardak, Paktia / Khost, Parwan, Takhar), Pakistan (Hazara, Baluchistan, Kurram), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan),
Pedicularis pycnantha var. semenowii (Regel) Prain synonym for Pedicularis semenowii Regel (China (Xinjiang), Tibet, Afghanistan (Badakshan, Takhar), Pakistan (Kurram, Chitral, Dir), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan, Astor), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Zanskar), N-India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)
Pedicularis pyramidata Royle ex Benth. (NW-India, Afghanistan (Badakshan, Kunar / Nuristan, Orozgan / Daykundi, Parwan, Takhar), Pakistan (Hazara, Chitral, Kurram), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit, Baltistan, Deosai), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Kashmir, Ladakh, Zanskar, Poonch),
Pedicularis rhinanthoides Schrenk (China (Xinjiang), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Pakistan (Pamirs, Chitral), Pakistani Kashmir (Deosai, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Zanskar), N-India),
Pedicularis rhinanthoides subsp. labellata (Decne.) Pennell (China (Gansu, Hebei, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, India, Bhutan, Chumbi, Nepal, Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir))
Pedicularis rhinanthoides subsp. rotundata Vved. (Iran (EC-Iran, N-Iran), Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan
(Chitral), Afghanistan (Badakshan, Wakhan, Baghlan, Bamyan, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Wardak, Orozgan / Daykundi, Parwan, Takhar), N-India)
Pedicularis rhinanthoides subsp. speciosa Pennell (Afghanistan (Wakhan), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Rupshu))
Pedicularis roylei Maxim. (China (SW-Sichuan, NE-Yunnan), SE-Tibet, Bhutan, India, Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), Pakistan (Hazara), Sikkim, Chumbi, Nepal),
Pedicularis stewartii Pennell (Pakistan (Swat, Hazara), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir)),
Pedicularis svenhedinii Paulsen (synonym for Pedicularis cheilanthifolia subsp. svenhedinii (Paulsen) Tsoong) (W-Tibet, N-India, Jammu & Kashmir (Nubra, Ladakh, Leh, Rupshu)),  
Pedicularis tenuirostris Benth. (Pakistan (Dir, Swat, Hazara, Murree), Pakistani Kashmir (Astor, Gilgit), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir))

Pedicularis trichoglossa Hook. fil. (China (Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, Bhutan, India, Myanmar [Burma], Nepal, Sikkim, Chumbi)


Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas By Francis . Pennell (1943) mentions the following species (35) of Pedicularis, most of the names are unresolved in The Plant List:
P. nodosa, roylei, ophiocephala, pycnantha, maximowiczii, svenhedinii (syn. of Pedicularis cheilanthifolia subsp. svenhedinii (Paulsen) Tsoong as per The Plant List), albida (syn. of Pedicularis cheilanthifolia var. albida (Pennell) Tsoong as per the Plant List), purpurea, mollis, heydei, chitralensis, brevifolia, porrecta, brunoniana, gracilis, tenuirostris, pectinata, stewartii, cyrtorhyncha, pyramidata, kashmiriana, multiflora (syn. of Pedicularis pyramidata subsp. multiflora (Pennell) Tsoong as per The Plant List), oederi, brevirostris, dolichorhiza, bifida, trichoglossa, elephantoides, bicornuta, macrantha (syn. of Pedicularis lachnoglossa Hook. f. as per the Plant List), hoffmeisteri, longiflora, rhinanthoides, punctata & hookeriana) (most of the names are unresolved in The Plant List)
What can be the proper justification for so many species being in the unresolved list of The Plant List ?

We should just ignore what The Plant List considers as unresolved. It is their problem that they don’t know their status. They are accepted species for us till some one relegates them to synonymy.


Sikkim Himalayas – The Megadiversity Centre of Pedicularis L. in India by Arti Garg and Tariq Husain- Taiwania, 55(2): 186-191, 2010 186 –
ABSTRACT: Investigations on the Himalayan genus Pedicularis L. revealed rich concentration and enormous diversity of species in the Sikkim Himalayas. Out of the 83 Indian species of Pedicularis, 49 species (ca. 59%) are found in the Sikkim Himalayas and 34 species (ca. 41%) are endemic. The Sikkim Himalayas may therefore be designated as the ‘megadiversity centre’ of Pedicularis L. in India.
Table 1. Pedicularis species occurring in the Sikkim Himalayas.
S. No. Taxa Distribution in India
01* Pedicularis albiflora (Hook.f.) Prain (Sikkim)
02* Pedicularis bella Hook.f.                   (Sikkim),
03 Pedicularis bifida (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) Pennell     (H. P., Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur)
04* Pedicularis chumbica Prain              (Sikkim)
05 Pedicularis clarkii Hook. f.                  (Sikkim, Nagaland)
06 Pedicularis collata Prain                     (Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur)
07* Pedicularis cooperi Tsoong              (Sikkim)
08* Pedicularis confertiflora Prain          (Sikkim)
09 Pedicularis curvipes Hook. f.             (Sikkim, Nagaland, Manipur)
10* Pedicularis daltoni Prain                   (Sikkim)
11* Pedicularis denudata Hook.f.            (Sikkim)
12* Pedicularis diffusa Prain                    Sikkim
13* Pedicularis elwesii Hook.f.                 Sikkim
14* Pedicularis excelsa Hook.f.                Sikkim
15* Pedicularis exigua Li                          Sikkim
16 Pedicularis flagellaris Benth.              Sikkim, Meghalaya
17* Pedicularis flexuosa Hook.f.              Sikkim
18 Pedicularis furfuracea Wall.                West Bengal, Sikkim
19* Pedicularis gammieana Prain            Sikkim
20 Pedicularis gibbera Prain                    Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
21* Pedicularis globifera Hook.f.             Sikkim
22a Pedicularis gracilis Wall. subsp. gracilis var. gracilis                             Kashmir to Sikkim, & Assam
22b   var. stricta (Wall.ex Prain) Husain & Garg                                                Kashmir to Sikkim
22c Subsp. brunoniana (Wall. ex Pennell) Husain & Garg var. brunoniana   (Himanchal Pradesh to Sikkim &, Nagaland)
22d   var. macrocarpa (Prain) Tsoong                                                              (Kashmir to Sikkim)
23* Pedicularis garckeana Prain ex Maxim.                  Sikkim
24* Pedicularis instar Prain ex Maxim.                          Sikkim
25* Pedicularis integrifolia Hook.f.                                Sikkim
26* Pedicularis kingii Prain ex Maxim.                           Sikkim
27* Pedicularis lachnoglossa Hook.f.                            Sikkim
28 Pedicularis longiflora Rudolf var. tubiformis (Klotzch) Tsoong           (Jammu & Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam)
29 Pedicularis megalantha D. Don var. megalantha                                 (Sikkim, Uttaranchal)
30* Pedicularis megalantha D.Don var. pauciflora Prain ex Maxim.         Sikkim
31* Pedicularis microcalyx Hook.f.                                                             Sikkim
32 Pedicularis mollis Wall                                              (Jammu &, Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim)
33* Pedicularis nepalensis Prain                                   Sikkim
34* Pedicularis odontophora Prain                               Sikkim
35* Pedicularis oederi Vahl subsp. brachiophylla (Pennell) Tsoong         Sikkim
36* Pedicularis pantlingii Prain                                                                   Sikkim
37* Pedicularis polygaloides Hook.f.                                                          Sikkim
38 Pedicularis porrecta Wall.                                         (Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim)
39* Pedicularis prainiana Maxim.                                  Sikkim
40* Pedicularis regeliana Prain                                     Sikkim
41* Pedicularis rhinanthoides Schreb ex Fisch. & C.A.Mey. subsp. revoluta Pennell
42* Pedicularis robusta Hook.f.                                     Sikkim
43 Pedicularis roylei Maxim.                                         (Jammu &, Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim)
44* Pedicularis schizorrhyncha Prain*                         Sikkim
45* Pedicularis scullyana Prain ex Maxim.*                  Sikkim
46 Pedicularis siphonantha D.Don – Fig. 1D                (Jammu &, Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam)
47* Pedicularis sikkimensis Bonati, W.W.Smith           Sikkim
48* Pedicularis tenuicaulis Prain                                  Sikkim
49 Pedicularis trichoglossa Hook.f.                              Sikkim, Uttaranchal

Note: Asterisk (*) indicate the species endemic to Sikkim


A Revision of the Genus Pedicularis in Nepal – Bulletin No.31 (Details with keys along with illustrations)- Takasi YAMAZAKI


Binomial Habit Notes Ref. Distrib.
Pedicularis perrottetti Benth. Herb Western Ghats,
Evergreen Forests, Grasslands
Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. II, 1987
Pedicularis zeylanica Benth. Herb Western
Ghats, Evergreen Forests, Grasslands
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. II, 1987; Gamble 1957
Dindigul, Nilgiri, Salem, Theni


Species with description & pictures in Flowers of India as on 25.10.14: 

Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Pedicularis bicornuta Orobanchaceae Horned Lousewort
Pedicularis bifida Orobanchaceae Entire Leaf Lousewort
Pedicularis cheilanthifolia var. albida Pedicularis albida Orobanchaceae White Lousewort
Pedicularis gracilis Orobanchaceae Slender Lousewort
Pedicularis longiflora var. tubiformis Orobanchaceae Long Tube Lousewort
Pedicularis mollis Orobanchaceae Soft Lousewort
Pedicularis oederi Orobanchaceae Oeder’s Lousewort
Pedicularis oederi var. heteroglossa Pedicularis heteroglossa Orobanchaceae Pink Oeder’s Lousewort
Pedicularis porrecta Orobanchaceae Paired Flower Lousewort
Pedicularis punctata Orobanchaceae Kashmir Lousewort
Pedicularis pyramidata Orobanchaceae Pyramid Lousewort
Pedicularis rhinanthoides Orobanchaceae Rattle Lousewort
Pedicularis roylei Orobanchaceae Royle’s Lousewort
Pedicularis siphonantha Orobanchaceae Tube Lousewort
Pedicularis tenuirostris Orobanchaceae Slender-Beak Lousewort

Pedicularis alaschanica Maxim. (No distribution given)
Pedicularis annapurnensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis anserantha T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis bicornuta Klotzsch (No distribution given)
Pedicularis bifida (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Pennell (Himalaya (Kangra to Bhutan), Assam)
Pedicularis clarkei Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis collata Prain (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis cornigera T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis denudata Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis diffusa Prain (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis elevatogaleata T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis elwesii Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis excelsa Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis flexuosa Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis gibbera Prain (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis globifera Hook. f. (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis gruiflora T. Yamaz (No distribution given)
Pedicularis heydei Prain (Kashmir to Nepal).
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Klotzsch  (Chamba to Nepal).
Pedicularis hookeriana Wall. ex Benth. (Himalaya (Punjab to Nepal)).
Pedicularis kansuensis Maxim. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis klotzschii Hurus. (Garhwal to Nepal).
Pedicularis koshiensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given)
Pedicularis lamjungensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis megalantha D. Don (Kumaun to Bhutan) 
Pedicularis microcalyx Hook. f. ((Nepal to Bhutan), Assam)
Pedicularis muguensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given)
Pedicularis muscoides Li (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis nepalensis Prain (Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis odontoloma T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis oxyrhyncha T. Yamaz. (No distribution given)
Pedicularis pennelliana Tsoong Himalaya (Bashar to Bhutan)
Pedicularis poluninii Tsoong (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis pseudoregeliana Tsoong (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis regeliana Prain (Nepal to Bhutan)
Pedicularis rhinanthoides subsp. tibetica Schrenk (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis sectifolia T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis siphonantha D. Don ((Kumaun to Bhutan), ?Assam)
Pedicularis tamurensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis tenuicaulis Prain [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim].
Pedicularis terrenoflora T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis trichodonta T. Yamaz. (E. Nepal to Bhutan).
Pedicularis tsoongii T. Yamaz. (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis wallichii Bunge (No distribution given in India)
Pedicularis yalungensis T. Yamaz. (No distribution given)


Some species found in India with description & keys from Flora of China (Distribution in India):

Pedicularis bella J. D. Hooker

Pedicularis bella subsp. bella [Bhutan, Sikkim].

Pedicularis cheilanthifolia Schrenk

Pedicularis cheilanthifolia subsp. cheilanthifolia [Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan]

Pedicularis cheilanthifolia subsp. svenhedinii (Paulsen) P. C. Tsoong [India].

Pedicularis chumbica Prain  [Sikkim].

Pedicularis clarkei J. D. Hooker [Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis confertiflora Prain 

Pedicularis confertiflora subsp. confertiflora [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim]

Pedicularis daltonii Prain [Bhutan, Sikkim]

Pedicularis diffusa Prain

Pedicularis diffusa subsp. diffusa [Bhutan, C and E Nepal, Sikkim]

Pedicularis elwesii J. D. Hooker

Pedicularis elwesii subsp. elwesii [Bhutan, N Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis excelsa J. D. Hooker [Bhutan, C Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis flexuosa J. D. Hooker  [Bhutan, C and E Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis furfuracea Wallich ex Bentham [Bhutan, India (Darjeeling), C and E Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis garckeana Prain ex Maximowicz  [Sikkim].

Pedicularis globifera J. D. Hooker  [Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis gracilis Wallich ex Bentham

Pedicularis gracilis subsp. gracilis [Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sikkim].

Pedicularis gracilis subsp. macrocarpa (Prain) P. C. Tsoong [India].

Pedicularis integrifolia J. D. Hooker 

Pedicularis integrifolia subsp. integrifolia [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim]

Pedicularis lachnoglossa J. D. Hooker [Bhutan, E Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis longiflora var. tubiformis (Klotzsch) P. C. Tsoong [Nepal, Pakistan, Sikkim].

Pedicularis lyrata Prain ex Maximowicz

Pedicularis megalantha D. Don [Bhutan, India (Darjeeling), Nepal, Pakistan, Sikkim]

Pedicularis microcalyx J. D. Hooker  [Bhutan, India (Arunachal Pradesh), Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis mollis Wallich ex Bentham [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim].

Pedicularis odontophora Prain [Sikkim].

Pedicularis pantlingii Prain

Pedicularis pantlingii subsp. pantlingii  [Bhutan, India (Darjeeling), Nepal, Sikkim]

Pedicularis polygaloides J. D. Hooker  [Bhutan, Sikkim].

Pedicularis rex C. B. Clarke ex Maximowicz

Pedicularis rex subsp. rex

Pedicularis rhinanthoides Schrenk ex Fischer & C. A. Meyer
Pedicularis rhinanthoides subsp. labellata (Jacquemont) Pennell [India].

Pedicularis roylei subsp. roylei [Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kashmir]
Pedicularis schizorrhyncha Prain [Bhutan, E Nepal, Sikkim].
Pedicularis semenowii Regel [Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan].
Pedicularis siphonantha var. siphonantha [Bhutan, India (Arunachal Pradesh), Nepal, Sikkim].
Pedicularis tenuicaulis Prain  [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim].
Pedicularis trichoglossa J. D. Hooker [Bhutan, India (Uttar Pradesh), N Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim].

Forest Plants of Eastern India By Amal Bhusan Chaudhuri (1993)-
Pedicularis versicolor Wahlenb. is a synonym of Pedicularis oederi
Pedicularis wallichii Bunge


Pedicularis ‎(Orobanchaceae) :  2 posts by 1 author.

I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on Pedicularis (Pl. click).

Attempts have been made to incorporate most of the species available in India & nearby areas with details & keys directly or through links as far as possible. It’s quite possible that there may be some discrepancy in the accepted names & synonyms taken from other links.

Species discussed so far in efloraofindia are given at the bottom of the page in the form of links against Subpages. On clicking them one can see all the details.

If someone can provide complete list of Indian species with source references it will be wonderful.

Any comments/ corrections are welcome.

Thanks. it is useful.


Pl. go throughPedicularis‎‎ ‎(Orobanchaceae) page with images of species in efloraofindia.

If you find any incorrect identification, pl. let us know. If anybody can send images of other species of this genera (for incorporation in the website), if any, or can identify unidentified images, it will be really nice.


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