Impatiens porrecta Wall., Numer. List 7275 1832. ?;

Image by M Sawmiliana – Id by Wojciech & Rajib Gogoi 




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Location : Tawi, Mizoram. Date : 03-10-2007. Habitat : Wild. Habit : Herb.

Flower looks like Impatiens..

Impatiens sp.

Flower looks like Impatiens noli-tangere!

I contacted … and our common conclusion is that it could be form of I. porrecta or something close to this species.

I. noli-tangere is temperate species with very broad distribution, not known however from Mizoram. It has yellow flowers with some minute reddish dots. Leaves are of different shape and whole plant is glabrous.

Impatiens porrecta Wall. looks good. But what about white flower listed as Impatiens porrecta Wall. in efi ?

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