Dendrobium peguanum Lindl., J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. 3: 19 1859. (Syn: Callista pygmaea Kuntze; Dendrobium fesselianum M.Wolff; Dendrobium pygmaeum Lindl. [Illegitimate];  Dendrobium wallichii A.D.Hawkes & A.H.Heller [Illegitimate]);





Please identify this orchid -NS 211110:   Photographed at my farm at Shahapur earlier this month. The last photograph was taken by my friend and photographer …

The plant looks like a Dendrobium, may be Dendrobium peguanum, but cant confirm the species without flowers. That small flower is cute, I imagine if it is growing from the trunk. Of course not orchid flower.

The orchid as pointed out by …, is Dendrobium peguanum. The flower [if it is a flower at all] is an enigma.



Please identify this Orchid – NS131011:   These orchids are currently flowering on my property at Shahapur. Are they also Dendrobium peguanum which was identified as such by … in this link :
This is cute.
Please let it flower. It could be Dendrobium or Eria.

Yes, I too am waiting for the flower pictures. 

When it flowers, then please count the pollinia. It will be necessary
to check the genus. 8 for Eria and 2 for Dendrobium.




Please identify this Orchid – NS131011: Inclement weather [read thundershowers] has played havoc with the original orchid. However, found these 2 also flowering. Am not sure if they are the same as the one in question.
Sending a few photographs,

You might have to check the number of anthers. This could be Eria nana too now called as Conchidium nanum.
For Dendrobium nanum it should have 2 pollinia and for Conchidium nanum it should have 8, joined together with viscidium.
This is not the time for Dendrobium peguanum to flower unless it flowered abruptly.

Can you please check for these pics.
I thought it could be Eria nana, but it is very close to Dendrobium nanum too. I would be grateful if you can let me know the difference between two if I just have the pics.

I inquired … at TBGRI.
He confirmed that this is Dendrobium peguanum Lindl.

This is confusing because in my (Jharkhand) place Dendrobium peguanum Lindl. flowers during January-February and during flowering period I have never seen it with leaves.

Yes this is *Dendrobium peguanum. *
In *Eria nana* the lip & spur would be much shorter than the other lobes.
Lip is purplish (picture- Unknown Orchid 1C) for *D. peguanum*.

yes I think it was my mistake relating atleast this plant to Eria. I should be more critical and dont just throw away guesses.

I was also thinking this as *Eria* than *Dendrobium *until I see the flower pictures.
Sometime guessing would give an opportunity to others to learn things critically. Since there was a doubt between *Eria *and *Dendrobium *we discussed this in detail and reached a conclusion without any doubt. Now, when someone go to field and see this plant or simiar looking plant without flowers, they would certainly want to see the flowers to reach the id because non flowering individuals are not enough to reach the species id that is clear from this thread.

What I feel is that please continue throw your guesses that would give us a chance to discuss more and more. Mostly guesses were always throwing light to some new learning to all of us.
Further, as you pointed earlier, dealing id with the help of pictures is always tricky. Hence guesses and discussions over guesses would be very much needed to reach a conclusion with maximum possible characters available in the given picture.

If the flowers in the link are same then these should be Dendrobium peguanum.