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 Images by tspkumar




As per efi thread :

Here’s is the key from Dr. Almeida’s flora : pg 42, Vol V-A
Eria Lindl. (nom.cons.)
1.Flowers solitary on slender scapes E. reticosa
1.Flowers in racemes or spikes——————————————————————2
2. Inflorescence tomentose E. pubescens
2. Inflorescence glabrous———————————————————————3
3. Small plants less than 10 cm high; leaves less than 8 cm long; sepals and petals greenish-yellow—–4
4. Plants leafless at flowering time E. exilis
4. Plants leafy at flowering time; scape straight——————————-5
5. Margins of sepals entire; lip ovate-lanceolate E. conrardii
5. Margins of sepals ciliate with minute gland-tipped hairs; lip pandurate E. microchilos
3.Plant exceeding 10 cm high; leaves 10-20 cm long; sepals and petals whiteE. mysorensis  

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Another Orchid picture I took at Amboli on 2nd Aug.,2009 when I was with Nature India for a trail.
This also at 1 metre , and 0.5 metre ht. from ground level on trees
Please give ID

Can you please post a picture in which the stem/pseudo-bulb is visible?

Check the bulb. If the bulb are perfectly conical shaped, slightly inflated then it sud be Eria exilis. I fht ebulb is button shaped with white linings on the surfae then it is Porpax reticulata



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3rd orchid for id, again from Amboli, Western ghats of Maharashtra.
Pics taken in the 1st week of Aug 2010.

This is confusing. Do you closeup of pseudobulbs at the base? or wait for it to flower.

This seems like Eria exilis Hook.f. but can be confirmed only after flowering. The flowering season for this species is November to January and leaves are completely absent during flowering.

I agree with … on E. exilis. The leaf size of below 3 cm would confirm the ID. The shape, colour and the texture of the leaf do indicate ID as suggsted by …

Thanks a lot …, I kept thinking but I know you cant be wrong!!

thanx very much for the identification in spite of inadequate info.
Sorry. i did not think of checking up for pseudobulbs.
The leaf size was abt 3 cm.
As … suggested i vil have to visit Amboli in Nov again but in the absence of leaves i wont be able to identify the plant. Does anyone on the group have the image of Eria exilis?

Does anyone has the photos of it flower ?? Kindly share



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Eria exilis

sindhudurg MH

Oh this is so tiny, i had been longing to see this.




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It is my pleasure to share a few images of this extremely tiny orchid, Eria exilis (Orchidaceae) 
Habit: Epiphytic on moss-covered tree trunks. 
Habitat: Evergreen forests. 
Sighting: Kottigehara, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1200 msl .

Very pretty and interesting. Let it open the flowers….

TSP-OCT2016-14-452:Images of Eria exilis (Orchidaceae) :

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Presenting few images of Eria exilis (Orchidaceae 


Habitat:wild,epiphytic,evergreen forest 

Sighting:Near Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1100 msl 

Date:09-09-2015 and 04-03-2016

Thanks, …  I think you have posted maximum no. of orchids after …

This is very interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.