Pentanema cernuum (Dalzell) Ling , Acta Phytotax. Sin. x. 180 (1965). 1965. (Syn: Inula dalzellii Hand.-Mazz.; Vicoa cernua Dalzell);

pen-ta-NEE-muh — Greek: penta (five), nema (thread)… Dave’s Botanary
SER-new-um or SERN-yoo-um — noddingDave’s Botanary

commonly known as: nodding pentanema • Marathi: सोनसरी sonsari

Native to: s-w China, Bhutan, India, Nepal

Asteraceae week Images for identification : 13 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)

Attaching images of Asteraceae member for identification from Nasik, please identify

Do you have other images or a habit image ?

attaching some more images

Senecio bombayensis Balakr. or some similar genera? I not sure at all. In fact, I am unable to say the genus also.

the involucre of bracts looks like that of Phyllocephalum or similar genera…please check

More likely to be a species of Pentanema

Pl. check comparative images at

my friend … has also suggeted it to be as Pentanemae cernum, it looks so except for the flowers, please see


ID Request: 16102012-PKA1: Seen this Asteraceae herb at base of Tungi Fort, Lonavala- Pawna region. looks like some Blumea sp??
Date/Time: 13-10-2012 / 01:00PM
Habitat: Wild.

Does not appears to be from Blumea as per comparative images herein.

This is a species of Pentanema

Thanks, …, for the genus id.
I think close to Pentanema cernuum (Dalzell) Ling as per comparative images at Pentanema


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