Requesting to please ID this plant captured in Mumbai in July 2013.
This is used extensively in bonsai.

A similar plant has been posted by …, posting additional pictures of the plant and fruit/pod.

Yes …  We seem to be identifying the same plant.

Recently seen at the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan/Rani Bagh.
In a Bonsai brochure, the name given was Blue Braya.

Eager to know the real Botanical name.

Eager to know its Botanical name.

At the recent BBC Show at MNP, I saw Yellow Braya bonsai as well.

Trifidacanthus unifoliolatus Merr. ??

because of spines it may be Desmodium acanthocladum

I do not think Desmodium acanthocladum since it is trifoliate leaf !

thank you, it is an exotic species

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