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On 14/12/08 in Hyderabad, AP near a water pond. A smallish herb.

Looks like one of the RungiaJusticia species.

It looks like the Marsh Carpet [Hygrophila serpyllum].

Thanks, …, You may be right. Attaching two more pictures for better appreciation. Attachments (2)

This Looks like Simply Rungia repens
But never Hygrophila serpyllum.
as per my Knowledge Given Photograph showing Erect habit
While Hygrophila serphyllum is an a purely prostrate one

and look at the inflo. it total Different and Flower i m sure that this must an a Rungia.

Thanks, … for the feedback.

I think some misunderstanding has crept in due to non-clarification from my side that two pictures with clear backgrounds were taken while holding the herb in hand for better clarity. It was certainly a prostrate herb as is evident in the third picture. I have gone through Srikant ji’s book & rule out Rungia repens due to smaller size of leaves, prostrate habit & difference in flower.

…… are right. It is some Justicia species.

Justicia procumbens ?

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