Neottianthe secundiflora (Kraenzl.) Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 16: 291 1919. (syn: Gymnadenia secundiflora (Kraenzl.) Kraenzl.; Habenaria secundiflora Hook.f. [Illegitimate]; Neottianthe mairei Schltr.; Peristylus secundiflorus Kraenzl.);
Himalaya to China (W. Sichuan, NW. Yunnan) as per WCSP

Plant 9-31cm tall; tubers globose to ellipsoid, 8 x 7mm. Stem erect to recurved, bracteate above the leaves; basal sheaths tubular, claasping, 1.5cm long; stem bracts linear, acuminate, 1-veined, 1-2 x 0.2-0.25cm. Leaves 2 or 3, distant, linear to linear-oblong, acute to acuminate, sessile and sheathing at base, 2-12.5 x 0.3-1cm; sheath 6-7mm long. Infloresence erect, secund, subdensely 7- to many-flowered; rachis glabrous, 3-11cm long; floral bracts linear-lanceolate, acuminate, margins minutely glandular-ciliate, 0.5-1 x 0.1-0.18cm. Flowers 5-8mm long; uniformly pink; ovary swollen, curved, 5-7mm long. Dorsal sepal lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, acute, 1-3-veined, 4-5 x 1.8-3mm; laterla sepals similar, weakly falcate. Petals linear, acuminate, weakly falcate, 1-veined, minutely papillose, forming hood with the dorsal sepal, 5.5 x 1mm. Lip 3-lobed, spurred, sessile, linear-oblong to triangular-oblong, puberulous, strongly veined, 5-6 x 1.5-2mm (when spread); lateral lobes parallel to mid-lobe, triangular-lanceolate, acuminate, 1-2.5mm long; mid-lobe oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, 1.5-3.6mm long; spur funnel shaped, contracted at base, inflated, ape x subacute, 3.5-4 x 1-1.5mm (at base). Column long, 1-1.5 x 0.8-1mm; anther locules parallel; pollinia clavate; caudicle short; viscidia large, cordate, membranous; staminodes oblong, rugulose; rostellum large, 2-lobed, flap-like; stigmas conjoined, transversely oblong.

(Attributions-N. R. Pearce & P. J. Cribb. Orichds of Bhutan. Published by RGoB and RBGE. 2002 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)

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    Neottianthe sp (Orchidaceae) for ID from Uttarakhand: DSR_Sept. 2017_04 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

  • Neottianthe genus of Orchidaceae is not represented in eFI.
  • Two species are known in Uttarakhand: N. calcicola and N. secundiflora. This seems to be N. secundiflora but better to have an expert opinion.
  • It was photographed in our recent tour to Ralam valley at about 2500m elevation near Pilthi Gad (Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand, 3.9.2017) and was found growing with mosses on steep moist slope. Plants were about 15-20 cm tall.

    Very interesting and rare. Neottianthe secundiflora. Only known from Pithoragarh in Kumaun!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.