Bulbophyllum rosemarianum Sath.Kumar, P.C.S.Kumar & Saleem, Rheedea 11: 97 2001. ?;


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At Talakona water falls, our good guide walked over the rocks and soon he appeared to be on an intense search for plants. After about twenty minutes, he came back with these plants and explained with great interest on the plant significance. However, we could not comprehend -a language barrier existed between us.
I still wonder, what was he talking about this plant.
Talakona, Andhra Pradesh
28 Mar 2010

Habitat : Growing on the rocks, close to water falls

It is a species Bulbophyllum sp. You need flower for species identification.

This is an Orchidaceae members … can be Bulbophyllum sp!!

I agree with …

This is funny but if I have to make a guess then I would again go for Bulbophyllum rosemarianum. The main reason being, so small plant with short leaves and angular bulb. But as my dear friend … says, cant
confirm the species name.

Not helpful with these pics. Bulbophyllum sp.



Bulbophyllum Orchid at kali Tiger Reserve : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9)

Seen this Orchid on a huge tree near a water stream at Village Kodar near Kali Tiger Reserve.
Looks like some Bulbophyllum Orchid.
Family: Orchidaceae
Could this be Bulbophyllum rosemarianum.??
Kindly validate the ID..
Date/Time: 25-01-2018 / 11:50AM.

This could be Bulbophyllum rosemarianum or B. sterile. Did you smell the flower?

Sorry …, I did not smell the flower..


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