Conchidium microchilos (Dalzell) Rauschert, Feddes Repert. 94: 444 1983. (Syn: Dendrobium microchilos DalzellEria microchilos (Dalzell) Lindl.); 


Conchidium microchilos flowering: Photographed at Khandala over the weekend.

Beautiful orchid. Please do share pics of open flowers.




Conchidium microchilos flowering 2: Had recently posted photographs of the Star Orchid [Conchidium microchilos syn. Eria microchilos] flowering at Khandala at this link
However as pointed out by … they had not fully bloomed, hence as requested by him, am sending a few more photographs taken on my property at Shahapur on Sunday.

what a nice complete study of buds and blooms, thanks


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Conchidium microchilos
Matheran, Maharashtra

Nice photographs, but it has not bloomed fully. Please check this link



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Matheran, Maharashtra

July, 2013

I will confirm later.

ya looks a very small orchid..

This looks like Conchidium microchilos, but it is important to check the bulb before confirming. One single pic of closeup of flower may look good but it doesnt aid in identification. It has a very close ally, Conchidium filiforme found in the same locality.



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Kindly examine and identify this Conchidium sp (Orchidaceae)…..I think the flowers are not arranged on one side but borne in zig-zag racemes.. Could this be Conchidium microchilos…??? 



Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Wild, epiphytic, Semi-evergreen forest fringe 

Sighting: Near Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1100 msl 

Date: 31-07-2016 

I think this is Conchidium microchilos. Beautiful flowers. Did you see that fly actually pollinating the flower?

Thanks … The fly happend to just vroom in when I was focussing. The next moment it was gone. Didn’t actually see it sitting on the flowers. Nevertheless many such flies were visting the bunch but couldnt take pics

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These epiphytic orchids were observed somewhere near Mulshi(Western ghats) in july or August. I know it’s difficult to ID with only these details.
Can someone suggest possible ID
Bulbs are seen with a small unopened inflorescence.
? Bulbophylum?

Eria muscicola (Lindl.) Lindl. ??

This looks like Conchidium microchilos to me but cant confirm without flowers.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks … What does those bulbous structures indicate. Is it peculiar for a particular group/Family or genus??

Sir, Those are pseudostems and found in many Eria (broadly speaking), even Dendrobium and others.

Ok, thanks.