Disperis zeylanica Trimen, J. Bot. 23: 245 1885.;


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Pl validate, the same was seen in w-Waynad in the 1st week of May 13.

Great this is Disperis neilgherensis

I think this is Disperis zeylanica.
Beautiful orchid and very confusing

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Please find a photo of a Disperis attached.
Is this Disperis zeylanica? Some books seem to mention Disperis zeylanica and Disperis neilgherrensis as two distinct species, but plant list says they are same!!

This should be Desperis zeylanica.
Some guy sitting in South Africa studied these two without actually seeing the live specimens. They are very distinct and the first one finds mention in the protologue of second also.

Thanks for the id confirmation. If I am not mistaken this one has its brothers and sisters in Africa. Probably they got separated when the continents got formed?!

Orchids can travel to greater distances due to their light seeds unlike animals. Disperis is also found in Hong Kong.

Indeed they can and they do. At the same time the availability of associated fungi would matter too, I believe.


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It’s my pleasure to share a few images of this terrestrial orchid, Disperis zeylanica
Habit: Herb
Habitat:Terrestrial, evergreen forest floor.
Sighting: Kuduremukha, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1400 msl

Date: 1-7-2015 

Gorgeous orchid .. Thanks for sharing 

Images by tspkumar

It is my pleasure to present a few images of Disperis zeylanica (Orchidaceae

Habit: Herb 

Habitat:Terrestrial,few plants were epiphytic too. 

Sighting:Mudigere and Mullaianagiri,Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1200 msl and 1600 msl respectively 

Date:03-06-2016 and 04-06-2016

Though basically it is a terrestrial orchid I could see some  epiphytic plants as well at Mullaianagiri. (Image 2)

wooow .. Incredible images of beautiful orchid

yes some terrestrial plants can grow as epiphytes

Lovely close ups, …

185-TSP-ID-21APR2021-1-Disperis sp @ Mullaianagiri  : 3 high resolution images.
Kindly re-examine and place this Disperis sp,Orchidaceae,earlier identified as Disperis neilgherrensis vide link Mullaiyanagiri_24-6-2015_for ID assistance. The Online Flora of all known plants (formerly the Plant List) considers Disperis zeylanica as a synonym of Disperis neilgherrensis vide link http://www.worldfloraonline.org/taxon/wfo-0000944775. However,

the eflora of india considers that the two taxa are distinct from each other (https://efloraofindia.com/2013/10/25/disperis-zeylanica/) and a few of my uploads are identified as Disperis zeylanica therein. Morphologically I find no discernible difference between the two.  I request the experts to kindly elucidate the differences, if at all there are any.

Wow so lovely. I want fruits/seeds of this.

Disperis zeylanica.

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Submitting images of a specimen for identification.
Date/time: 24-06-2015 / About 12-30 PM
Location: Mullaiyanagiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1700msl
Habitat: Wild, Shola forest fringe

Habit; A herb

Disperis neilgherrensis Wight

Disperis zeylanica as per 185-TSP-ID-21APR2021-1-Disperis sp @ Mullaianagiri





References: efi thread  The Plant List (syn. of  Disperis neilgherrensis WightIndia Biodiversity Portal (Disperis neilgherrensis Wight)