Submitting few Images of a terrestrial orchid for ID assistance.Could this be a Malaxis sp….??? I missed the flowering stage, the plant had developed fruits.
Habit: Terrestial herb.
Habitat: Evergreen forest floor under shade.
Sighting: Kottigehara, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1200 msl.

Date: 28-09-2015

This can be many things, but I can only guess right now that this is Malaxis versicolor….

efi page on Malaxis versicolor

Agree with … Most probably a Malaxis sp.

i suspect this is a Seidenfia. But cant confirm the species without flowers.

Hope … is able to share flower picture.

No …, I could not revisit the specimen to take pictures of the flowers

Could you share high resolution images ?

The images of the subject under reference were taken with my mobile phone. However ,on searching my catalog I could find three more images taken with DSLR. Will upload separately

Should be some Crepidium which is now Seidenfia.

Cant confirm without flowers

Dienia ophrydis perhaps?

Never seen red fruits in Dienia that too so close and wrinkled.

I think this is Seidenfia (some people still consider it Crepidium). Like Crepidium versicolor.

Oh yes. They are quite dense indeed.
A question on a related note: Was it not Malaxis versicolor before it became Seidenfia versicolor (and now Crepidium versicolor!) ?
Believe this species have been moved around different genuses due to certain key characteristics. Would be great to know how this was done.