Carnivorous Angiosperms in India: 1 pdf attached.
eFlora of India is not only showcasing general plants of the Indian subcontinent but it is also rich in specific types of plants like carnivorous angiosperms. I tried to compile a list of carnivorous angiosperms of India and their presence in eFlora of India. As evident in the list attached, nearly half of the Indian carnivorous angiosperms can be seen in our website which I think is the largest collection after the information available at ENVIS center of BSI. As an advantage eFI has multiple images of each species and is also enriched with some exotic carnivorous species.
I request all of you to kindly go through this list for two purposes:

1. Is there any species which is not listed. If so, it may be added.
2. Those species which are not available in eFlora of India need to be added. Some of them are new species and a mail to authors requesting submission of image(s) may be sent to known authors.

Once we have consensus on this list, it may be added as a separate page in eFlora of India.

Carnivorous plants, despite their false gruesome stories in varied cultures, fascinate the common man as well as scientists. India sustains a considerable number of carnivorous angiosperm species. Perusal of checklist of flowering plants of India by Botanical Survey of India and other recent literature show that 47 species of carnivorous angiosperms naturally occur in India. These species are listed below and the species shown in eFlora of India are linked with their pages for easy navigation:


  1. Aldrovanda vesiculosa
  2. Drosera burmanni Vahl
  3. Drosera indica
  4. Drosera peltata


  1. Pinguicula alpina
  2. Utricularia albocaerulea Dalzell
  3. Utricularia arcuata Wight
  4. Utricularia arenariaDC.
  5. Utricularia aurea
  6. Utricularia australisBr.
  7. Utricularia babuiR.Yadav, Dardesai & S.P.Gaikwad
  8. Utricularia bifida
  9. Utricularia brachiata
  10. Utricularia caerulea
  11. Utricularia ceciliiTaylor
  12. Utricularia foveolata
  13. Utricularia furcellata
  14. Utricularia gibba
  15. Utricularia graminifollia Vahl
  16. Utricularia hirta Klein ex Link  
  17. Utricularia inthanonensis Suksathan & J.Parn.
  18. Utricularia janarthanamiiR.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad
  19. Utricularia kamarudeeniiS.A.Kumar & Sindhu Arya
  20. Utricularia kumaonensis
  21. Utricularia lazulinaTaylor
  22. Utricularia malabarica & A.N.Henry
  23. Utricularia mangshanensisW.Hu
  24. Utricularia minor
  25. Utricularia minutissima Vahl
  26. Utricularia multicaulis
  27. Utricularia naikiiR.Yadav, Sardesai & S.P.Gaikwad
  28. Utricularia polygaloides
  29. Utricularia praeteritaTaylor
  30. Utricularia pubescens
  31. Utricularia rectaTaylor
  32. Utricularia reticulata
  33. Utricularia sainthomiaBiju, Josekutty, Janarth. & Augustine
  34. Utricularia scandens
  35. Utricularia smithiana Wight
  36. Utricularia stellarisf.
  37. Utricularia striatula
  38. Utricularia subramanyamii & A.N.Henry
  39. Utricularia subulata
  40. Utricularia sunilii Naveen Kum. & K.M.P.Kumar
  41. Utricularia uliginosa Vahl
  42. Utricularia wightiana Taylor


  1. Nepenthes khasiana Hook. f.

In addition to these species few exotic species/ hybrids of Dionaea, Drosera, Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Pinguicula, Sarracenia can also be seen in eFlora of India.

Congratulations for your great efforts, dear Rawat ji, I too documented two Utricularia sps.

Great effort Rawat Ji,

Excellent compilation, Sir

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