Diplopterygium giganteum

Diplopterygium giganteum (Wall. ex Hook.) Nakai ex Bauer,  Bulletin of the National Science Museum 29: 50. 1950. (Syn: Dicranopteris gigantea (Wall. ex Hook.) Underw.; Diplopterygium criticum (Ching & Chiu) Ching ex X.C.Zhang ; Diplopterygium maximum (Ching) Ching & H.S.Kung ; Diplopterygium simulans (Ching) Ching ex X.C.Zhang ; Diplopterygium yunnanense (Ching) Ching ex X.C.Zhang ; Gleichenia gigantea Wall. ex Hook.; Hicriopteris critica Ching & Chiu Hicriopteris gigantea (Wall. […]

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