Vicatia coniifolia

Vicatia coniifolia Wall. ex DC., Prodr. 4: 243 243 1830. (Syn: Chaerophyllum gracillum Klotzsch; Chaerophyllum millefolium Klotzsch (Unresolved); Sphallerocarpus coniifolius (Wall. ex DC.) Koso-Pol.; Sphallerocarpus millefolius (Klotzsch) Koso-Pol.; Vicatia millefolia (Klotzsch) C.B. Clarke; Vicatia stewartii C.B. Clarke); . Perennial herb branched from base with 2-3-pinnate leaves with filiform to lanceolate leaf segments; involucre bracts 1-2, linear […]

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