Ruscus aculeatus (Cultivated)

Ruscus aculeatus L., Sp. Pl. 1041 1753. (syn: Oxymyrsine pungens Bubani; Ruscus aculeatus var. angustifolius Boiss.; Ruscus aculeatus subsp. laxus (Sm.) K.Richt.; Ruscus aculeatus f. pumilus Druce; Ruscus flexuosus Mill.; Ruscus laxus Sm.; Ruscus parasiticus Gueldenst.; Ruscus ponticus Woronow); Butcher’s Broom;  Kneeholy, Knee Holly, Kneeholm; Jew’s Myrtle; Sweet Broom; Pettigree;   Macaronesia to Medit., W. & SC. Europe to […]

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