Erythropalum scandens

Erythropalum scandens Blume, Bijdr. 922 1826. (syn. Dactylium vagum Griff.; Decastrophia inconspicua Griff.; Erythropalum grandifolium Elmer; Erythropalum populifolium Mast.; Erythropalum triandrum Quisumb. & Merr.; Erythropalum vagum (Griff.) Mast.; Mackaya populifolia Arn.; Modeccopsis vaga Griff.); . ¿ er-ith-roh-PAL-um ? — Greek: erythro (red); palum (stake); dehisced segments of persistent calyx alludes to stakesSKAN-dens — climbing or sprawling … Dave’s Botanary  .commonly known as: red stake […]

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