Ranunculaceae Week: Helleborus argutifolius cv Silver Lace from California: Helleborus argutifolius Viv. cv. Silver Lace syn: Helleborus lividus subsp. corsicus (Willd.) Tutin; H. corsicus Willd.
    Herbaceous plant with spinescent-dentate leaf segments which are usually three in number, paler green above; flowers up to 7 cm across, pale green or suffused with purple.
   Photographed from SFO Botanical Garden in California in July, 2008. 
   Common name:  Corsican hellebore, the cultivar is known as Silver Lace





Ranunculaceae Week: Helleborus sp. for ID 050511MK1: Please help to ID this *Helleborus* sp. I am not sure that this plant is found in (temperate) India. I photographed this at Cambridge city of UK on last week of March, 2011. Please resolve this ID.
.. indicated in earlier post that this resembles *H. niger*.

A reply from my friend: “*Helleborus argutifolius* (known as the Corsican)”



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