Luisia abrahamii Vatsala, Introd. Orchids 489 1981.;





ORCHIDACEAE: ID – Prejith008 Luisia abrahamii: This is a Luisia found at elevations of sea level to 500 metres asl and endemic to the Western Ghats. Blooms from late September to November.

Pankaj, I did finally manage to contact … and he helped me with the identification.
Satish ji, it is found in moist deciduous to evergreen forests and the host tree is Ixora brachiata. You can check the place called Perambra, Boothathankettu and Palaruvi on Google maps. It should give you an idea of the type of forests. If you are interested I can send you an interesting pdf file I found on the net which concerns endemic orchids found in the Western and Eastern Ghats. You can see more
pictures of the flower in my blog


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