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This is another one I have not been able to source the ID. It has a single white flower at each axil on the stem. There is very little detail on the flower they were all the same. It is again at Phulchowki elevation 1750m.

Any idea about the family ?

Those do not appear like flowers. More likely to be axillary buds.

Where is Phulchowki?

Thanks, … It is in Nepal. Around 2000 mtr height.

It could be Gomphostemma parviflorum, Lamiaceae member,

I don’t think it matches …

I think this is not a flower, it is nothing but the young leaves or leaf bud. The plant is a Lamiaceae member and very similar to Platostoma coloratum. Maybe different genus like Pogostemon or Perilla.


It looks closer to Pogostemon sp (P. glaber) as of leaves character

than Gomphostemma parviflorum,  Perilla sp and Platostoma coloratum.

I donot think the plant is of Lamiaceae member, further it looks like some bud! Without flower difficult to identify.

Platostoma coloratum

Looks different from images at Platostoma coloratum

Yes It looks different…. Agree with …

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