Orchid for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 140712 : AK-1: Picture taken at the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on the 23rd of Feb,12.

A potted, ornamental, cultivated orchid.

You are taking only hybrids photo. It’s also a hybrid PHALAENOPSIS.
There are many hybrid PHALAENOPSIS in the world. About 46 wild species, distributed in India, S. E. Asia, Indonesia, Philippines and N. Australia. 7 species reported from India, 5 in Assam.

Frankly, I don’t know much about Orchids.
Since all pictures were taken at the Flower Show, so all of them are hybrids and not growing wild.

Its good that people are not collecting from wild but growing hybrid orchids. Otherwise people collect plants from wild and even start selling them.

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Sending photos of Phalaenopsis hybrid. 

Another Phalaenopsis hybrid from KFRI Kerala

Phalaenopsis hybrid from KFRI Kerala

Yes Phalaenopsis but I am not the right person for hybrids !! 


Very beautiful orchid.  looks like a hybrid Phalaenopsis

Yes this is a Phalaenopsis hybrid.

Pink Phalaenopsis growing on our window sill 

Good shots … You are having so many orchids at home…….

Thanks .. for the appreciation. Yes, this Phalaenopsis is from Kanyakumari.  First time it put a spike and it broke due to a fall from the window sill.  Second time also the same thing happened and third time I was lucky and the spike survived.  It flowers once in a year and require some chilly winter and after the winter the spike starts to appear. 


Phalaenopsis Hybrid


Another Phalaenopsis Hybrid from Delhi Horti. Expo

Very good. This time colours with patterns.




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Could you id our orchid please.  

Beautiful Capture. May be Phalaenopsis sp  

This is Phalaenopsis I will check the species.

Is it not a hybrid?




Orchidaceae Fortnight: Orchid of Indonesia :  Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.

We want to know the name of our orchid please.

Again a Phalaenopsis, I assume its a hybrid. Please confirm.


Phalaenopsis Hybrid from Delhi Horti. Expo
shot on 20-10-12

A different contrast colour combination.

A small question. How do you differentiate between a Dendrobium/Cumbidium and Phalanopsis hybrid….any particular pattern of perianth??

Frankly speaking no idea about orchid identification……….. “Lag gaya to teer nahi to tukka”



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One of our neighbours is quite good in growing orchids in their balcony. This is a Cattleya Orchid. Please validate the species?

No these are Phalaenopsis hybrid.