Edgeworth’s Habenaria • Hindi: ऋद्धि Riddhi • Tamil: Riddhi • Malayalam: Riddhi • Telugu: Riddhi • Kannada: Riddhi • Sanskrit: ऋद्धि Riddhi;


VOF Week: Orchid along “Govindghat-Ghangaria Trail”:
I had seen this terrestrial orchid around 40 cm in height along “Govindghat-Ghangaria trail”. Looks like some Platanthera sp.
Family: Orchidaceae.
Date/Time: 10-08-2012 / 12:30PM.
Habitat: Wild, On grassy slope
Plant Habit: Herb

Platanthera edgeworthii probably.

I agree with …. I think it’s Platanthera edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) R.K.Gupta, Fl. Nainital.: 349 (1968).
Syn. name Habenaria edgeworthii Hook.f. ex Collett; Platantheroides edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) Szlach; Habenella edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) Szlach. & Kras-Lap.
Distribution: Himalayas, Pakistan, and Nepal in scrub on open hillides at elevations of 1200 to 3600 m.

This is Platanthera edgeworthii (syn- Habenaria edgeworthii)


VOF Week: Orchid for id from a meadow..:  This was quite common along the trek…. hope to get identification… shot from a sloping meadow on the Ghanghariya-GGhat Trek..

I think its Platanthera latilabris Lindl. please send a closeup of flower (front view).

Thanks … for this lead….I fear I do not have that kind of picture..I may request … to send some better pics, he surely must have….if any other member is having…upload is requested…

This is Platanthera edgeworthii.

Sir, I am always confused with Platanthera….. yes its Platanthera edgeworthii….

Look at the spur!! Latilabris has straight!!!


Orchid for id: Sending photos for id of an orchid taken at Helang enroute towards Badrinath on 16th August 2012

This is Platanthera edgeworthii a highly medicinal plant.

Vof week: Platanthera edgeworthii from way to Ghangriya:

Platanthera edgeworthii from way to Ghangriya

Pls Validate

Yes sir, Platanthera edgeworthii. A typical spur with flowers facing downwards. It comes in yellow and greenish yellow colors.

VoF Week: 19092012 BS 22 Orchid for id from Ghangriya: This small Orchid was shot near Helipad in Ghangriya

Habenaria edgeworthii

Yes sir its Platanthera edgeworthii; syn. name Habenaria edgeworthii

This terrestrial orchid was shot from a grassy slope in Chakrata area, was quite frequent..
last 2 pics from VOF..

I hope this is rightly identified as Habenaria edgeworthii

Please give opinion..

Yes this is Habenaria edgeworthii.


Orchidaceae fortnight :: Habenaria edgeworthii:: SMP 08 :  1 image. 5 posts by 5 authors.

Habenaria edgeworthii
Not from western ghats but from Himalayas : Pangot
This is the last from my collection of Habenarias.
Pangot is a village in Nainital district in Uttarakhand, India

yes typical Habenaria edgeworthii.

Highly medicinal.

Thanks a lot … for beautiful pictures, we are lucky to encounter this twice in Himalayas, once en route valley of flowers, then very recently in Chakrata… if I am right in identifying..


ORCHIDACEAE Fortnight: Orchid for ID from Uttarakhand DSR_9 :  Attachments (2).  4 posts by 4 authors.
This terrestrial orchid was photographed near Badrinath at an altitude of 3300m in an alpine meadow on steep slope.
ID is needed.

I think this should be Habenaria edgeworthii (Platanthera edgeworthii). One very close ally is Platanthera latilabris. 

Thanks … for showing this….. we also got this from Chakrata and Valley of Flowers… will share my pics..

My pictures of this are from Binsar in Jun.

Platanthera edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) R.K.Gupta, Fl. Nainital.: 349 (1968).
Habenaria edgeworthii Hook.f. ex Collett, Fl. Siml.: 504 (1902).
Platantheroides edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) Szlach., Richardiana 4: 106 (2004).
Habenella edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) Szlach. & Kras-Lap., Richardiana 6: 35 (2006).
Distribution: Pakistan to Himalaya

Nice and Clear Shot … I think commonly called as Ridhi in Ayurveda

Habenaria edgeworthii from Valley of Flowers and Chakrata

Yes Habenaria edgeworthii.

Orchidaceae Fortnight:: Platanthera edgeworthii | Chakrata : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Chakrata, Uttarakhand
Aug., 2013

Lovely Closeup…

I had seen this terrestrial orchid around 40 cm in height along “Govindghat-Ghangaria trail”.
Bot. name: Platanthera edgeworthii
Family: Orchidaceae.
Date/Time: 10-08-2012 / 12:30PM.
Habitat: Wild, On grassy slope
Plant Habit: Herb

Wonderful pics.
Yes Platanthera edgeworthii.


Platanthera latilabris var.? ABAUG01/02 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 3 images.

Another orchid from my yesterday’s walk. … had helped identify another similar orchid from here as Platanthera latilabris. This one looked very similar but had distinctly more yellow to it. Please advise if it is the same species, a variation or another distinct species.

On Mcleodganj-Triund trek, HP
2500m approx.

31 July 2016

No this is Platanthera edgeworthii (=Habenaria edgeworthii). Spur goes up and curves down like monkey tail. Latilabris spur is much shorter than this.

Platanthera latilabris ABJUL2017/27 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9)

I had first thought that I had found P. edgeworthii but later on closer look found the bracts slightly longer than ovaries and lips broad at base and tapering down. I think this should be Platanthera latilabris. Please advise.
Gallu-Triund trek, Dharamshala, HP
2400m and above
24 July 2017

I think yes, your id is right, pics are very beautiful..!!

This is indeed Platanthera edgeworthii and not latilabris.



SK 3028 09 October 2021: 9 very high res. images.
Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 2365m.
Date: 17 August 2021
Habit : Wild
Platanthera edgeworthii (Hook.f. ex Collett) R.K.Gupta. ??

Habenaria edgeworthii or Platanthera!

I could not decide … ! Some confusion !

What I meant is this is 100% Habenaria edgeworthi.

Some people call it Platanthera edgeworthii, others call it Herminium edgeworthii.
I have seen the plant many times, and each time I saw a Habenaria there with a pair of typical projecting finger like stigma, but a bit short!

Thank you … So we take accepted name as Habenaria edgeworthii!

Go with the wind!!



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