Ruellia affinis (Schrad.) Lindau,  J. Agric. Soc. India n.s., 1: 269 1868. (syn: Arrhostoxylum affine (Schrad.) Nees; Dipteracanthus affinis (Schrad.) Nees; Neowedia affinis Schrad.; Ruellia affinis (Schrad.) T. Anders. (ambiguous synonym); Ruellia grandiflora Blanch. ex Nees) ?;
NE-Brazil (Bahia) as per Catalogue of Life;

Plant seen inside the Conservatory.

Ruellia elegans Poir. ??

Thanks for suggested id. Looks very close.
This was probably a climber.
I have seen Ruellia elegans in the garden.
Will post it separately.

Is there a possibility this could be Ruellia affinis?

Looks close to me.

May be as per 
I am not sure.