PM01-04082021-plant id from Pangi valley, HP: 2 images.
Habit- A small Herb with bright blue colored inflorescence.

I am sorry, I don’t have clear images of leaves and whole plant.

Habitat- alpine meadows, along roadside
Location- Sural Bhatori (Pangi), Chamba, HP
Altitude- 3200m
Date-July 2021

Yes, in fact image information is not sufficient. No habitat, leaf and flower

close-up images. Please check Prunella vulgaris L. !

Not Prunella vulgaris

Some other Lamiaceae member.

Might be some Phlomis member (now few in Phlomoides). Not Prunella as rightly pointed out.

May I request you to pl. post high res. images to check the details.
This may be some species of Nepeta as per comparative images herein.

I am sorry sir. I have only two images of this plant posted here.

Pl. post original images. I want to see the details of calyx.

Yes …, it is best to search in Nepeta

Sir, please find the another image of this plant
1 image

One possibility is Nepeta laevigata (D.Don) Hand.-Mazz., but I am unable to see the calyx lobes learly in the posted images.

Thank u sir

nxt time I will try to get closeup images of plant

Yes, N. laevigata is the close possibility.